Thursday, August 23, 2018

Necromunda - House Orlock Gang, Slate Merdena and Macula painted!

The Necromunda train rumbles on, with a foray into House Orlock territory! As part of the pile of hired guns was the Orlock-specific character Slate Merdena and his cyber-mastiff Macula, and I figured I may as well do up the nucleus of the associated Orlock gang that has been lurking on the shelf for several months.

Tried to do a Rottweiler scheme on Macula with a lighter brown underbelly and muzzle, but it's all washed out in the photos. Probably ought to go one tone lighter and re-shoot 'em... Slate is a beast as well with a plasma pistol and a thunder hammer, ready to squish the enemies of the House!

Went with a dirty, greasy biker look with the gangers, with blue jeans, grubby white t-shirts and oily metal armor. The loin cloths got a hit of yellow to give 'em a little pop. I've been picking up two boxes of gangs for each house, but have held off on building the second ten until I can get my hands on some of the FW weapon upgrade kits.

Speaking of Forge World, I'd pulled the trigger on some bits and kits for the next Heresy project this past weekend which proved to be rather timely following the news about the 20+% price hike across the board as they moved to local currency stateside. Glad I did as the order would have cost me and additional $120 for no good reason. I can understand their desire to not be tied to the occasionally volatile exchange rate, but a 20% rise seems egregious. Definitely going to be far more circumspect about what I order from FW going forward, and start relying more on third-party bits providers like Shapeways, Anvil Industries, Victoria Lamb, etc...

Friday, August 17, 2018

Necromunda - Yolanda Skorn painted, Gang Planks and NOVA Charity Raffles!

Another quick hit today - The one-off mini painting has been quite fun, and after the brief sidetrack on the buildings I shoved another of the hired guns in front of the Painting Servitor and fired it up.

Today's scum is the bounty hunter Yolanda Skorn, who was savagely wounded in the face and now wears a veil to hide her disfigurement. Though her prey is occasionally granted a glimpse of her rictus grin before their termination!

Really dig this model, and think the FW sculptors struck a good balance of femininity without being hypersexualized. Really enjoyed painting her and stuck pretty close to the 'canon' paint scheme. Kept up with the leopard print to help tie her together with the other Eschers I've done.

In other news I recently saw Promethium Forge's new "Gang Plank" organizers and had to order up a couple. Once they arrive I'll do up a little review, but if you're interested in Necromunda it seems like a handy little organizer for gaming!

In other, other news the deadline is approaching on the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation raffles, where among other fantastic armies and single models, you can also enter to win a spectacular Warlord Titan, by the inestimable John Steining. And we're not talking about one of the new Adeptus Titanicus models, we're talking a full on resin monster from FW! Check out the raffles here!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Terrain - Ministorum Temple begins!

After working on a fair few individual models, I had the urge to switch scales for a bit and do something big! When Killteam was announced I was rather interested in the new buildings that came with it, and though I ultimately decided against buying the starter box I couldn't help but order up a couple boxes of just the terrain!

I knew that I wanted to combine the Basilicanum and Sanctus kits into one big Ministorum Temple and though I was initially miffed that the wall heights were different from the earlier City of Death buildings, I have to admit that I'm really impressed with the kits one I got my hands on 'em!

I figured that for utility and storage that I'd do it up in multiple sections that fit together into one cohesive building, but could also be used separately and as such it breaks apart into 3 standard "ruined corner" sections, and one little sniper perch.

I started the painting process via a bunch of rattle-can primers, beginning with an all-over black primer than progressively lighter browns and tans using the zenithal method to lay in the initial shading. Will have to break out the big brushes soon and start laying in all the detail!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Necromunda - Grub Targeson painted!

Tick tock, it's Necromunda-o-clock! Definitely in the rhythm now, and the dudes are marching across the painting desk in a steady flow. Finished up the Chump with the Hump last night, the hive scum Grub Targeson:

Grub isn't quite as unusual a sculpt as Mad Dog Mono or Yolanda Skorn (still upcoming), but he has a ton of personality nonetheless. Fairly basic and workmanlike loadout with the shotgun and knife, he may not look like much but can put the hurt on anyone who strays too close!

I do like his background in the Gang War book, at one point he noticed a bump show up on his shoulder which over time swelled and grew into an unpleasant hump. While these sorts of unfortunate growths are endemic in the rad- and chem-filled atmosphere of Necromunda, when the hump started whispering secrets to him, Grub was forced to flee into the underhive to avoid being purged as a mutant and heretic. Adds a little fun flavor to the character!

Next up on deck is the new version of one of my perennial necromunda characters, the pompous Guilder Count DeMonay!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Necromunda - Mad Dog Mono painted!

The hits just keep on coming! Been getting into the groove and knocking out a new necromunda model every couple days, and it's been a lot of fun!

Today's model is Mad Dog Mono, one of the numerous hired guns that FW has come out with and the one that I most looked forward to getting some paint on from the initial trio. I really dig the techo-ragpicker look, and think he'll fit in well with the upcoming House Cawdor gang (I'm scheming on using this blue/yellow/brass scheme on them as well).

All in all I'm pretty jazzed with how they're coming along, four down and six to go!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Necromunda - Mad Donna Ulanti painted!

Another quick hit today - As a significant change of pace for me, I've just been working on one model at a time, and it's been pretty fun! Definitely requires a little adjustment, I'm so used to doing 15-20 at a time that having to wait for paint and washes to dry on a miniature between passes is something I rarely have to do!

In any case, next up on the painting desk was another blast from the past - D'onne Astride Ge'Sylvanus of the House of Ulanti, often shortened to D'onne Ulanti and better known as "Mad" Donna! Having just re-read "Survival Instinct" recently I rather enjoyed painting up the miniature, though it's definitely a product of its time and the sculpt hasn't aged well comparatively speaking.

I had given some thought to replacing the chainsword and plasma pistol with a modern equivalent, but in the end felt the charm of the old school model would be compromised by doing so. Once again I stuck close to the 'official' paint scheme, with plenty of leopard print, black and white leggings and bright pink hair!

All in all a very fun model to paint again after nearly twenty years, and I'm somewhat glad that my ham-fisted initial attempt to paint the model from way back when has been lost to mists of time. It was a travesty! :D

Next up I'm diving in to the new Forge World hired guns, really looking forward to it!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Necromunda - Scabs painted!

Can't have Kal Jerico without his trusty (and slightly smelly) sidekick Scabs, now can you?

Went a little brighter with his color scheme, and went with a variant of the official art that seemed to contrast well with the colors on Kal. Blue and yellow are always great colors to put together!

The dynamic duo ready to make a fortune in the underhive with their derring-do! I'm really hoping that we'll see GW come out with updated official rules for them at some point!

Next up is another blast from the past, Mad Donna Ulanti, which is a model that hasn't aged nearly as gracefully as these two...

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Necromunda - Kal Jerico painted!

Just a quick hit this evening - With basically all of my big projects either complete or in varying states of sale (link to auctions), I decided to take a little time and start working through my backlog of Necromunda miniatures, including all the various Forge World hired guns that have been released so far, and a few throwback models from the mists of time!

I went ahead and got the skin tones down on all ten models but then realized they weren't suitable for batch painting as they're all individuals with varying paint schemes, and to be honest they deserve a little more TLC than my usual "just crank 'em out" methods. So I figured I'd lead off with quite possibly my favorite GW model of all time, Kal Jerico! Stuck closely to the 'official' paint scheme, and pretty jazzed with how he turned out. Next up, his poxy partner Scabbs!