Friday, August 23, 2019

Necromunda - The Council of Crows, Tzeentch Chaos Cult built!

I'm still going through the literal hundreds of pictures from the last couple Down and Out in Dust Falls sessions, hope to get them uploaded this weekend. That said, I've also been beavering away on a new gang for the upcoming Sump City Showdown campaign - A chaos cult, the Council of Crows!

As soon as I saw the Corvus Cabal for Warcry, I knew that I had to have 'em and turn them into a Necromunda gang - There was no choice, really! I'd pulled out a mess of Escher bits which seemed to be ideal as they also have a bit of a feathers and birds motif going on. Turns out they worked well together!


Started off by turning the winged guy into a Demagogue with a flamer. In game I'm going to be angling for a grapnel launcher and a drop rig to allow him to 'fly', and added in a couple champions with a double handed axe/hand flamer and a heavy stubber, respectively.


A trio of cultists with laspistols and axes, keeps them cheap and cheerful - Close combat is a little rough in Necromunda, so it's worthwhile to have a bunch of guys kitted out that way so hopefully at least one or two of 'em will make it into contact.


A couple guys with autopistols and one with a shotgun round out the initial nine members of the crew (as befitting a Tzeentch-themed cult). Overall these are mostly just simple weapon swaps as far as conversions go, though now that I understand how the Corvus Cabal models go together, I'm planning on doing some further conversions to create some guys with lasguns, autoguns and the like. Should be fun!

Really looking forward to getting some paint on these guys!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Necromunda - From the depths of the Underhive...

Between a mix of Real Life(tm), login issues with my webhosting company and general ineptitude I've once again let the blog lay fallow for far too long. That's not to say there hasn't been a ton of hobby progress, but I've not had much luck uploading pics to my web galleries of late. Luckily, that's now been resolved and a flood of new images are ready to be posted! Brace yourself for bandwidth!


First up, as a follow on from the last post (back in June? Really? Yeesh.) are the completed pics of the Goliath truck and some reinforcements for the muscle-bound galoots.

Really digging the FW weapon upgrade kits, most of the Newcromunda models don't lend themselves well to easy kitbashing as most of the arms have bespoke connection points meaning unless you're a fair hand with a sculpting tool you are gonna have a rough time. The FW kits go a long way to providing all the alternate options not available on the plastic sprues!


Along with the Goliath truck, I figured the insectile walkers would be ideal for the Van Saar gang and as such they got the same hazard yellow scheme as the associated gangers. Hard to go wrong with Caterpillar/JCB yellow on working vehicles!


These walkers were designed to carry the loot piles made a while back, and I'm really happy with how the green/blue/red of the cargo adds to the overall look of the vehilces!


If one is good, two is better, right? The intent is to do two or three vehicles for each gang to allow for some vehicle based scenarios in the upcoming campaign.

Speaking of, the Down and Out in Dust Falls campaign wrapped up this past weekend, and I realize I haven't uploaded the pics from the previous session either. Got a ton of game pics inbound for the next post!