Tuesday, April 23, 2019

A belated Adepticon Overview

Real Life(tm) has been rather hectic of late, and I'm just getting around to posting up the pics and thoughts from Adepticon. Took a while to go through the 200+ pictures I took and discard the 100+ that were blurry junk (I really need to bring a monopod to the shows). In any case, brace yourself for pictures - I'll be putting up some of the better ones here, the link to the full gallery is below!

Day 1 - Horus Heresy, Zone Mortalis games!

Sadly, I was so excited to be playing and had such a good time that I neglected to even take any pictures of the first two ZM games I played on Thursday. Suffice it to say they were rather epic! The third game however I remembered to snap some pics as the World Eaters rampaged their way through a bunch of really awesome Squats!

The guys that put on the Heresy campaign events at Adepticon and Nova are absolutely top notch, and always provide some awesome swag. This year was a set of custom dice with the various armor marks as the facings. So cool!

I was honored to be awarded best painted in the ZM event and was blown away by the super cool medal!

Day 2 - Great Crusade Era, Purge the Xenos!

The first of two games in the Great Crusade era setting saw the World Eaters facing off against the Ork hordes. As the greenskins raced across the table to get into combat, the legion dreadclaws began falling from the skies.

Utter carnage ensued, with sweeping casualties across both sides of the table. When the dust cleared the Orks held the field, but only just...

The second game was against the forces of the perfidious Eldar, and the World Eaters felt supremely confident that they would annihilate the pointy-eared gits.

However, perfidy in fact ensued and the Eldar first strike was murderous to the point of absurdity with the World Eaters being washed off the table in a hail of star- and d-cannon fire. Holy cow are 7th ed. Eldar nasty! Was a great game nonetheless, and simply cemented the Eldar as a hated foe for the Legions!

Day 3 - Necromunda!

On Saturday I was rather excited to participate in a Necromunda event that I was initially a bit apprehensive about (it being listed as a 'tournament', not my usual cup of tea), but all fears were assuaged once I met the players and the organizer ran through the rules of the day. Each table had its own special scenario, all of which were rather entertaining. The first game had some spooky events happening and the gangers had to pass cool checks to avoid panicking.

The second game was set in the ash wastes where the Guilders were ambushed by a group of Orlocks. It went poorly for the forces of Count DeMonet, but thematically he used them to save his own corpulent hide as he made his escape!

The third game took place in a railyard with a group of Goliaths looking to raid the caravan, but Mr. Hand's terrifying marksmanship and Brother Hameln's fuzzy army of bomb rats held the slabheads at bay long enough for Count DeMonet to sleaze his way to another day.

I was quite honored to be presented a second best painted award for Count DeMonet's Guilder Caravan and Traveling Show, and am definitely planning on incorporating aspects of the tournament to the upcoming Necromunda campaign I'll be running locally!

There are dozens and dozens of further pictures from the event HERE including a bunch of shots from the armies on parade area which were spectacular this year!All in all it was a fantastic trip, especially knowing I'm not going to be able to attend NOVA this year due to a scheduling conflict. Boo!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Heresy Era World Eaters - The Angriest of Rons

I managed to survive Adepticon and had an absolute blast! Tons of work piled up while I was away however and I haven't had time to upload all the thoughts and pictures from the event. That doesn't mean I haven't gotten any hobby time in though! One of the things I'd picked up in the dealer room while out in Chicago was the primarch of the World Eaters, Angron! I couldn't wait to get stuck in with him, and I had a blast painting him up!

 In looking at the pictures one always finds things to improve. At this blown-up scale the freehand work is pretty ropy, I'm thinking I need to go back over them with some weathering to cover some of the more egregious sloppy bits and give them a bit more hammered and beaten look, but overall I'm quite pleased with how this mentalist turned out!

Hoping to get a post-adepticon pic dump up soon, turns out I took over 200 pictures so it's taking a bit to go through 'em!