Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Necromunda - Count DeMonet's Guilder Caravan and Traveling Show ready for Adepticon!

Last finishing touches complete for the Adepticon trip! I gave the event packet a closer read-through and realized my assumptions were a little off for the Necromunda event, and as such I had some extra credits to spend on building out Count DeMonet's Guilder Caravan and Traveling Show. Figured I ought to snap a few pics before they got packed away in the case...

The whole crew ready to made a trip to the Underhive! Really jazzed with how they turned out - While they may not be super effective, they definitely have a ton of character! Played a few more games locally with them to get a better handle on the rules and work out any kinks in the crew list that needed addressing before the event.

Dug up the prior incarnation's cargo skiff/flying carpet and rebased it to act as a gang relic/objective marker should the scenario call for it. Count DeMonet had a few equipment tweaks and now carries a hot-hot laspistol and a stiletto sword cunningly disguised within his walking cane!

Of the two champions, Dr. Whirlygig was pretty much spot-on and has been a stand-out in every scenario he's taken part in. Some combat drugs coupled with the Count's Overseer skill and he's a cavalcade of pain! I did have to build and speed paint a replacement Mr. Hand, as his previous incarnation was carrying way too much superfluous weaponry. The addition of the Mono-sight and a clip harness should keep him well out of harm's way while still blasting opponents with wild abandon.

The husband and wife team of Harry the Hump and Minka the Ninker don't get much glory on the table but they consistently survive the encounters and keep the pressure on their opponents while the more flashy members of the team do the dirty work.

Two new gunslingers were added to the roster each bringing some short ranged but powerful weapons. Biceps McSixpack is a danger to himself and others with his plasma pistol, while Frellin' Tom's hand flamer packs a big template in a small pistol!

Another addition to the crew is the Squat adventurer Stump Chunkman, whose bolter always seems to run out of ammo on the very first pull of the trigger. Luckily he's no slouch with a mallet! The ratskin scout Eats Bad Fungus is a perennial favorite, sneaking up along the sides before blasting away with his shotgun or stealthily skewering sentries as the situation calls for.

Last but not least is Brother Hameln and his bomb rats. Not once has his furry little ordnance managed to do anything but be comic relief, however I just can't help but take him in the list!

Really looking forward to the event at Adepticon, and can't wait to see what other wild and wonderful crews will be taking part!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Necromunda - Ambots painted!

Just a quick hit today - After the flurry of World Eaters and Genestealer Cult, it was time to do something small and colorful. Ambots it is!

As soon as I saw the reveal for these I knew I had to get my mitts on 'em, and I'm glad to say the kit did not disappoint! They are chock full of cool little details and were an absolute blast to paint up.

Decided to do a reversed paint scheme on the pair, one in yellow/red and one in red/yellow. Pretty jazzed with how they turned out, and am quite looking forward to doing another pair. Two is good, that means four is better, right?

Monday, March 18, 2019

Heresy Era World Eaters - Ready for Adepticon!

Coming in just under the wire, Kharn and the 8th Company are ready to deploy to the battlefields of the Schaumburg Sector!

Packed the army up and schlepped it over to the local GW shop for a family photo, and am quite happy with how the force turned out. Pretty infantry heavy, but you can't lop off limbs and take skulls without a whole mess of dudes toting chainaxes, now can you?

In other news, I've been beavering away on a display/carry board for the event. In years past I've been dinged on painting scores because I didn't have a display board, so it was time to recify the situation! I'd picked up a set of terrain tiles from Secret Weapon Miniatures but found that, while they looked cool, on their own they just weren't structurally sound enough to carry the models from place to place (they're very much just table-toppers). Got a buddy of mine who's got the woodworking tools and talents to build me a little hinged frame setup for 'em, and it's going to work a treat!

Ended up adding a little of my own ham-fisted woodworking to create a brace to lock it in an open position with a couple dowel rods and a strip of wood, as I was worried a little bit about it accidentally folding up while moving it about. It's solid as a rock with that addition, and I'm really quite pleased with the end result! I'm scheming on trying to add a little three-dimensionality to it with some magnetized buildings, but I'm not sure I'll be able to pull it off in time for the show. If not, it'll have to do as is - We'll see how it goes!

Monday, March 11, 2019

Heresy Era World Eaters - Dreadnoughts complete!

Huzzah! The last of the models for the Adepticon army are complete and ready to rampage across the battlefields! ...Or more likely be blown to smithereens in turn one, as is often the case with newly-painted models.

Ended up doing two of the dreads in white with blue trim, and one in the reversed scheme of the Warhounds, the earlier name of the legion prior to them reuniting with their primarch. Added in a little warhound symbol on his right breastplate as a nod to the earlier allegiance.

The right arms are magnetized to allow swaps between dual powerfists and the lascannon arrays. Really pleased with how they've turned out and can't wait to get 'em on the tables in just a few short weeks. Looking forward to Adepticon!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Heresy Era World Eaters - Simply Dread-full

With just a few short weeks remaining until Adepticon, I was getting rather antsy about the fact that the trio of dreadnoughts I'd ordered back in January had yet to arrive. They'd been stuck in customs hell for nearly two weeks but were finally deemed not to be a threat to national security and the box arrived looking as though it had spent some time on a 40k battlefield!

With some trepidation I opened the box and was relieved to find everything present and accounted for, with no obvious breakages. Bubble wrap to the rescue!

While I'd ordered up a fair few dreads (some for a few hobby buddies, some for prize support at Adepticon and some for myself) I only pulled and washed the trio immediately needed for the project. The updated kit is tremendous, several new tweaks to the main body and a set of heavy weapons matching the old school look were all much appreciated!

Once they were washed and dried, I got cracking getting 'em built - Went through and magnetized the right arms on all of them to allow for the full gamut of weapon options including a lascannon, missile launcher and conversion beamer! Can't wait to get some paint on 'em, though it's gonna be a challenge getting them primed as it's been well below freezing for the last several weeks here. Oof!

In other news I got cracking on a display board for the force, taking advantage of the sale Secret Weapon Miniatures has been running on their tablescape tiles. While I love the look, I am not convinced that the board is structurally sound enough to use as a carry board between tables, and am looking to mount the board on some MDF for added stability. We'll see how it goes!