Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Heresy Era Word Bearers - Ashen Circle Painted!

I was having a good time painting up the Ashen Circe, and pressed on to the finish line with 'em over the last day and a half!

From a pose perspective they're a little odd - I definitely understand what the sculptors were going for with the models leaping/touching down, but from certain angles they tend to look like they're pirouetting. With a single toe or heel touch point on each model, they were all given nice long pins up into the legs and deep into the bases to hopefully keep them in place.

Can't be one of my projects without getting my signature blue on 'em somewhere. Hah! Still, blue and red are good contrasting colors.

Part of the intent was to put some shredded/charred papers on the bases of the Ashen Circle (among other models) so I went out on the interwebs and pulled down some arcane script pages and shrunk them down to try and make something I could print out. This first pass ended up being a little large for my needs and shrinking them further made them more or less illegible smears on my printer, but they may be useful to attach to vehicles and the like as pages from the Book of Lorgar!

So far so good! ...Or should I say, so far so evil?

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Heresy Era Word Bearers - Ashen Circle painting begins!

Just a quick hit this morning, pressing on with the Word Bearers and the Ashen Circle are next up on deck!

Painting them separate from the bases and backpacks is a new thing for me, still working out what works for me. Originally I had them on paint sticks akin to what I used to do with Napoleonics, but they proved too unwieldy at this scale. So the long pins were repurposed as handles, and I'm using a foam block to hold them upright as I work through the group. Got the reds and pewters down, on to all the fiddly detail work!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Heresy Era Word Bearers - Zardu Layak and the Gal Vorbak painted!

Was down with a massive ear infection a week and a half ago which meant there was a surprising amount of hobbying being done (mostly due to the insomnia from the pain). The newest Heresy project rears its ugly head, in the form of...

The Word Bearers! Over the years I've done the most loyal of loyalists, and several misunderstood traitor legions, but figured it was time to do the full-on moustache-twirling-evil guys!

While I will undoubtedly get around to painting Erebus and Kor Phaeron, my initial intent was to have a force led by Zardu Layak and his Blade Slaves, as I was really taken by the models. More or less followed the 'standard' paint scheme for them, with Zardu wearing the old greys, while his possessed bodyguards wear the crimson and silver livery of the late-heresy legion.


The models that really got me into the project in the first place also marched across the painting desk over the last week - The Gal Vorbak are just extremely creepy models, and are really what the possessed marines ought to look like! I'm tempted to do a second five and try some conversions and kitbashing (so it's not just two of each guy). Great fun to paint!

The intention is to do a force that was present on Calth, and as such I knew I wanted to do some faux-marble bases as befitting of the Ultramar worlds. Turns out Secret Weapon does a near-perfect set of bases for just such a theme! I added a little talus to them to rough 'em up a little (they're 'pristine' out of the package) and spent a fair bit of time trying out various techniques until I settled on one that I liked and could reproduce reasonably consistently.

Of course, can't have a new project on the trot without a new painting chart, now can we? Working on the Ashen Circle next, pics to follow soon!

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Pictures from an Exhibition - NOVA 2018 day three!

On to the picture dump for day three - Buckle up, the Heresy Train has no brakes!

The unfolding campaign on Friday had the Loyalists and Traitors battling it out on the surface of the planet, as well as undertaking smaller recon and skirmishing forces into the undersprawl of the planet. The Calibanites naturally chose to skulk in the shadows, and the Zone Mortalis began!

Game one saw the Dark Angels facing off against the Solar Auxilia captained by a good buddy Josh Bruder. He is an excellent opponent and his armies are not only staggeringly effective, they're also gorgeous! The Calibanites didn't have enough bullets to stop the tidal wave of humans, and it was only due to a massive detonation overhead that they managed to sneak away in the confusion.

In a tremendous example of tying the games together narratively, Whenever a superheavy vehicle detonated on the Excruciatus tables, a catastrophic event took place on the ZM tables. In this case, a save vs. strength or die for every model on the table. While the posthuman warriors lost a few brethren to the falls, the collapse absolutely devastated the Solar Auxila, allowing for the Calibanites to escape.

I didn't get many pics of the Excruciatus games (as they were running concurrently with the ZM games), but there was some serious devastation going on!

Game two had the filthy Calibanite traitors face off against their Terran brethren, on an absolutely beautiful FW Zone Mortalis board. Due to a misunderstanding of the mission however, my opponent and I were rolling on the catastrophic damage table every turn, and couldn't stop rolling 11's and 12's. As such both our armies were essentially destroyed before we even made contact. After the fact we realized our mistake, but it was such a funny game with both sides fleeing for their lives that we decided to keep the result in play. After all, it couldn't possibly have been all a ploy and the two Dark Angels forces were actually in cahoots, could it? It absolutely could!

Game two featured another Dark Angels vs. Dark Angels battle. Turns out the loyalists found out about my traitor Calibanites and threw down the gauntlet! Another bloodbath ensued, with the loyalists eking out a close victory. The Lost Lions retreated in ignominy going 0-3 for the day, but all three games were an absolute blast (in two games, quite literally)!

After the games, I swung by the Crystal Palette display cabinets and goggled at the talent on display! Sadly my camera didn't take great pictures through the glass cases and these are only a bare sampling of the artistry on display. Inspiring stuff!

Rounded out the evening with a nice dinner with Dave Taylor and some of his friends, and then met up with some hobby giants for martinis. Some may say too many martinis were had that evening, based on the look of some of the folks the following morning. For me, the third martini was probably a mistake. The fourth and fifth were fine, it was the third one that was a problem... Hah!

Next up, the final day of the event and a little wrap-up!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Pictures from an Exhibition - NOVA Open 2018 Day One and Two!

Greetings folks! It's been a whirlwind recently, with the event I look forward to most happening over the past week - The NOVA Open! I took a mess of pics, so buckle up as we dive in to a long weekend of Heresy goodness!

Day One

Got into D.C. on Wednesday late afternoon and got checked into the hotel. The NOVA Open is held at the Crystal City Hyatt which is a rather nice location, quite near Reagan airport. The rooms appeared to have been remodeled somewhat from last year, and were spacious and comfortable, always a good thing!

Charity Armies

Swung down to the event space to pick up my back and events packets and snapped some shots of all the sweet charity armies on display. Had to lay some money down for a couple of the raffles as well!

Ran into a number of old blogger buddies and Heresy battle brothers, and ended up calling it a reasonably early evening as the next few days were going to be packed!

Day Two

Escalation Armies

Thursday morning we rallied down in the event space where the Heresy campaign was being run and folks were laying out their armies - So much goodness on display, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

These are just a sampling of the awesome armies, sadly my usual 2 of every 3 pictures taken being garbage applied. I really need to bring a monopod to the events! They asked everyone who brought a primarch to line them all up, and we almost had the full set - Just missed out on Magnus and Lorgar if memory serves.

Escalation Game One

The first day's games were designed such that we had the option of playing 2000, 2500 or 3000 point games. I knew I wanted to do some big games and get all the boys on the table at once (the later games in the weekend were all 1500 points or less), so once all the table assignments were set, we dived right in! They allowed us to call out any "grudge matches" we wanted to play against specific opponents, and the always-awesome Todd Sherman from Sincain40k and I got down to it!

I'm not going to do blow-by-blow battle reports for each game as the pictures speak for themselves. Suffice it to say, Todd's Raven Guard utterly smashed the Dark Angels which was to be expected - His army is dynamite! Gorgeous games with beautiful armies run by great opponents on awesome tables, so even losing the game was a great experience!

Escalation Game Two

The second grudge match of the day was against the inestimable Nate Taylor and his absolutely stunning White Scars. The game was a massive see-saw, with the Dark Angels causing massive casualties on the first few turns...

..But the reinforcements led by the Khan himself rapidly turned the tide and the Dark Angels were driven from the field in disarray (a common theme to the weekend, it turns out)! Another completely fantastic game full of laughs, cheers and jeers!

There were a number of awesome little goodies handed out by the event team, including this rather on-the-nose dig at the semi-recent Space Wolf upgrade kit release. Too funny!

Being a little wiped out from a pair of back-to-back 3000 point games, and not really having enough time to complete a third game in the slot the Dark Angels vowed to return the next day for vengeance!

Next up, Day three events and mayhem!