Saturday, September 26, 2015

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Spireguard Stormhammer painting begins!

With the sweet new transfers from Fallout Hobbies arriving, it galvanized me to work on a model to put 'em on! The centerpiece for the Spireguard army is going to be the Stormhammer I'd picked up at Gencon, and I managed to get the reds laid in over the last few days.

So far, so good! Next up will be all the silver metallics, after which I can start in on the detail panels in bone-white, and gold rivets.

...So many gold rivets. Hoo boy.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fallout Hobbies transfers arrive!

...Well technically they arrived a week or so ago, but I just picked up all the on-hold mail from the post office yesterday. Heh. I'd pitched in on Ronnie Gamble's fantastic Kickstarter campaign to get Fallout Hobbies off the ground as a custom waterslide transfer and airbrush template company. I'm happy to say it succeeded and the rewards exceeded my expectations in every way!

I received a set of the Radioactive and Biohazard sets for use on some future project/terrain, a set of really cool-looking scrollwork, and some interesting scorch marks that I'm eager to try adding to a vehicle or building.

Turns out they're a little challenging to photograph, as most of what I'd ordered were white and the backing paper is a rather light grey. Bunch of Egyptian and occult themed transfers for the inevitable next Thousand Sons army (and a bit for the associated Spireguard).

Overall I was blown away by the quality of the prints and the attention to detail. His full time web store is up and running here, I highly recommend checking 'em out - he's got the capability to accept your custom printing requests as well as providing an ever-expanding catalog of pre-designed sheets, I know I'll be going back for more sheets soon!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mi Dispiace! Not dead, just on vacation...

Apologies for the radio silence there, but I was taking the first honest-to-Emperor serious vacation I've had in four years! Ended up spending the last couple weeks in Italy doing some sightseeing and attending my friend's wedding - good times were had, as well as good food, good wine, and good friends! No hobby work has been done in that whole time what with my paints and models being on the other side of the planet, but a post's not a post without some pictures!

Based most of the trip out of the town of Salerno, where we stayed in a fantastic bed and breakfast place that blew away any hotel we could have found. The view off the patio was worth the trip all by itself!

Spent a couple days in Rome, and took about 400 pictures, but I'll just hit the highest of the highlights. Can't miss the Colosseum of course!

Spent about four hours in the Vatican (Interesting fact, approximately 2.3 Popes per square kilometer), and this art installation really caught my attention. It has a vaguely dark mechanicum vibe to it...

While the Vatican was fantastic, it was Saint Peter's Basilica that truly astounded me - it was absolutely jaw-dropping inside.

Later we popped down to the Amalfi coast where the wedding was to be held, and spent some time in the city admiring more of the phenomenal countryside.

The wedding itself was held in an old coastal fort, which sits above an exemplary restaurant and beach. You couldn't ask for a more picturesque location!

The wedding ceremony finished just as the sun was setting, and the view was spectacular. I'd honestly started to get pissed off at how relentlessly beautiful it was. Hah! Unfortunately it's now back to the grind at work, but I can start getting some hobby stuff done again too - lots of fun stuff on the horizon!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Inq28 - Tau Mercenaries (all sorts of heresy!)

I'll admit right up front that I've never been a particular fan of the Tau - mostly that came down to the model range however, I quite like the fluff. I rather enjoy the Surprisingly Sinister Space Pope and his Ethereals, the whole caste system is interesting, and the fact that they embrace all the species they come across rather than just automatically exterminating them makes for a breath of fresh air in the grim darkness. (Heresy!) Ran across these alternate models on ebay a while back and thought they'd be fun to paint up, and subsequently thought "Hey, these'd be perfect mercenaries for a radical Ordo Xenos warband". I wasn't super happy with the initial skin tones so spent a little time touching them up and got some new pics taken:

"Big Shas O'Mal'y" along with an air caste tech and fire caste sniper joined forces with Inquisitor Travinski during an investigative mission into the incursion of Hive Fleet Kraken. The Tau were rescued from almost certain death at the claws of a Genestealer cult (side note, also thinking about doing up some villain warbands), and subsequently pledged their service to the Inquisitor, further cementing her status as a radical in the eyes of her peers. (Double heresy!)

A bit more cheesecake with these models, especially the sniper - Let's just say I had to take a few pics before I got one that's SFW. (Triple heresy!) Was fun to paint up some xenos filth though - had fun with the skintones and tried a number of different washes to try to approximate the 'typical' ochre Tau armor color. I have another few female Tau mercs coming to add to the group - they may end up spinning off into their own warband when all is said and done!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Inq28 - Things start to get out of hand...

Anything worth doing, is worth OVERdoing, right? While I've had literally zero painting time over the last week, I did go through all the various shelves and boxes and pulled out a whole mess of minis that I've collected over the years. Mostly picked up for use in various Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader games, they're all perfect fodder for Inq28!

I think there's more than enough to divvy up into three warbands - Hereticus, Xenos and Malleus! Gotta figure out what models will go with whom, but it's already getting me thinking about backgrounds and history just looking over all the models!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Inq28 - Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Helios

The new work schedule has really bit into my hobby time these days, but I managed to carve out a little time to work on another model for the Inq28 warbands. Today it's the head of the Ordo Hereticus warband, Inquisitor Helios.

Inquisitor Helios is a hard-line Puritan of the Ordo Hereticus, a man of firm and unswerving dedication to the Emperor who has spent a lifetime rooting out the foes of the Imperium both in the depths of the hive spires of the core worlds, as well as in the far-flung reaches of the galaxy. Wearing an ancient set of Terminator armour and bearing a combi-psicannon and force stave, Helios is not only a terrifying combatant but also a potent psyker who has used his powers to destroy innumerable cells of rogue warlocks and demagogues of chaos.

I've had the bits for this model banging around in the Closet of Doom for nearly 30 years, the body is from one of the first incarnations of the Grey Knights, while the arms are from the old terminator inquisitor (which had been used in another project ages ago). Felt good to get an old school mini finished up for the modern age!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Inq28 - Ogryn Bodyguard Horgg VanDerHuge

Got a few weeks to kill while I await the various bits to start trickling in for the Geno Five-Two, so I thought I'd pull out the Inq28 models and work on them for a while. Any self-respecting warband needs at least one meatshield, which brings us to Horgg VanDerHuge, Ogryn bodyguard!

I wanted to ensure he was very slovenly as Ogryns are wont to be, so after laying on the basic colors I went over the model with a number of different grey, brown and rusty washes to give him a scruffy appearance. I tried to do a little grey stippling around the jaw and chin to try and approximate a 5 o'clock shadow, but it's not particularly convincing in the pics. Pretty sure I need to hit that area again. I don't recall what range this model is from, I'd picked it up a few years back at GenCon, I want to say at the Mike McVey booth?

A big ol' Ogryn ought to have a big ol' gun, and it's hard to go wrong with a minigun right? Still working on the fluff for the models, and I'm finding their stories are growing out of the paint scheme. Somewhere along the way Horgg worked alongside (or perhaps fought against) the Ultramarines, and he proudly wears one of their shoulder plates. He also has a pet grot, which has spun off an idea of doing a couple different warbands - The puritanical Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Helios (pictures to come), and an opposing radical Ordo Xenos inquisitor whose warband includes a number of Xenos/Abhuman mercenaries (many of which to be unveiled soon).

Definitely challenging to just paint one model at a time, but to be honest I'm quite enjoying it!