Thursday, January 18, 2018

Inq28 - Eisenhorn and friends!

Late last year I rolled the dice on ordering some models from an Etsy shop called Artel W. Miniatures that caught my fancy. Generally speaking I wasn't expecting too much being the first time ordering from a tiny caster in the Russian federation so I was prepared to be disappointed. Turns out in the end I was not!

First off, the miniatures did take nearly six weeks to arrive which is on the long side for these sorts of products, but not completely out of the ordinary, and to be fair there was the Christmas and New Years in there. Once the package arrived I was eager to get stuck in but was greeted by a rather cool surprise inside the shipping envelope - the box was wrapped in parchment, bound in twine and sealed with a rather cool wax seal. I have to say I was rather charmed by that little extra detail!

Rather eagerly I set to building the models - They came with plastic bases but thought they deserved some more interesting resin bases. The models that caught my eye initially were totally-not Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn, the psychic blank Alizebeth Bequin, Chastener Godwyn Fischig and the Daemonhost Cherubael. Holy moly are the models fiddly, but really dig how they came together!

The second batch of models that I couldn't pass up included Inquisitor Covenant, Commissar Ciaphas Cain (Hero of the Imperium), and his loyal dogsbody Jurgen - Interestingly, also a Pariah like Bequin (albeit far more fragrant).

Since I placed the order they've released several other new models that I plan on ordering. While the shipping was long, the sculpts are beautiful and I look forward to painting them up!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Heresy Era Sons of Horus - Anvilus Dreadclaw painted!

Just a quick hit this evening - Finally got a chance to upload a fair few pics of some work done over the last week or two, starting off with a Dreadclaw for the Sons of Horus!

I ended up picking up a trio of them ostensibly for the Sons of Horus, but upon further reflection two of them are going to be held in reserve for some future project. As I'd done a whole drop army with the previous Thousand Sons I didn't want to just repeat that. However, it'll be useful to have one in the SoH force to ferry in a dreadnought or cheeky unit of terminators!

Pretty straightforward scheme, gave the ground spikes and undercarriage a little weathering, but the model is so 'busy' that there's not really much of a place where I thought any waterslide transfers would look good. So, calling it done for now!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Necromunda - Deadbolt's Derelict Corridors build begins

With the holidays behind me, I'm finally able to get back on the hobby horse and start putting together some of the goodies that arrived for Christmas! Figured I'd lead off the new year with another terrain project - Some MDF wall sections designed to work with the floor tiles in the new Necromunda set from Death Ray Designs!

Over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, they had a heck of a sale on their terrain kits, with the Deadbolt Derelict sets going for almost 30% off, so I snapped up a couple sets. Due to the volume of orders however they didn't arrive at my place until after Christmas. Nevertheless I eagerly unwrapped them and started punching out approximately one zillion little MDF chunks.

Lesson learned from my previous foray into MDF work, use the proper glue! Previously I'd gone with superglue (not knowing any better) which was very brittle and didn't stick well. Following some recommendations online I picked up a couple bottles of Titebond II wood glue, and have to say that my experience with it during this project has been a revelation. Highly recommended!

Really impressed with how the kit is designed to fit together. It's a mix of cross-lap and tab-and-slot joins which all fit together beautifully with the barest minimum of sanding/trimming. While they do all press fit together, some glue is definitely needed to hold everything in place - they will not simply hold together under their own power.


One of the more mind-numbing portions of the build is all the little detailing work - each short wall section requires a 9-piece detail on either side. They fit together well once I got a handle on the build order, but boy does it get tedious...

...Especially when you have to repeat it 20 times!


The central columns were a comparative breeze to assemble, just 8 wall sections, a base and a top. Easy peasy! Which is good...

...Because there's 24 of them to do! You'll note the slots in the sides, which are designed to allow the wall sections to hook in place in a rather clever way so inadvertent bumping of the table won't toss wall sections around like dominoes.


In addition to the short wall sections there are also a further 24 two-wide wall sections with various detailing - some with just two-sets of X-shaped details like on the short sections...


Some have vents in one panel, which should look neat with various slime oozing out of them as part of the painting process.

...And some have little hatches built in. Thank the Maker that the doors are just single-piece additions. Of course, there's still approximately half a zillion little X-shaped detail panels to install. Eurgh.


Before I went completely mad installing all the details I wanted to see how the walls looked on the boards and overall I am well pleased. Interestingly, the kit is technically short a couple columns to completely populate the boards, but a spare short wall section fills the gap well enough. I'm not sure it that's a conscious design decision on their part, or if I may have gotten a mis-pack - it does seem as though I had a bunch of leftover walls and not enough columns, perhaps there was a sheet swap somewhere along the way? In any case I am really jazzed about the kit for use in both Necromunda as well as Zone Mortalis on the Heresy front. Good stuff!

...Now if only it would warm up enough that I could get some primer on 'em!

Thursday, December 28, 2017


Quick hit this morning - Been on a hobby bender but haven't organized all the pics yet! Plenty of post fodder on the way though!

Every so often I'll pull a model or two off the RPG minis shelf as a little palate cleanser, and a totally-not-LeeLoo-and-Korben set from Heresy Miniatures fit the bill nicely! They were a really fun little duo to paint up even though the sculpts are a little wonky. Mulllllti-pass!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Retrospective - Hobby Year In Review 2017

A very happy holidays to all the readers out there, and a merry Feast of The Emperor's Ascension to one and all! With the year drawing to a close I thought it would be nice to take a look back over 2017 and see how things went. It was definitely a whirlwind of hobby activity!

January - Filled with feverish painting as the deadline for Adepticon looms. Imperial Fists ahoy!

February - Finished painting the Imperial Fists army for Adepticon, sold the Thousand Sons from the previous year (NOVA 2016) and immediately embarked on the (checks notes) fourth iteration of the force.


March - Adepticon 2017! The Imperial Fists are sold on-site, it's always nice to sell a force to someone and be able to tell them thanks in person. The Khamasiin takes shape, and the forges of Zhao Arkkad begin disgorging new Cybernetica cohorts!

 April through July - Thousand Sons overload, seriously I just wouldn't stop banging on about the scions of Magnus, but to be fair the army needed to be complete by the end of July in order to be ready for NOVA!

August - A little breather with Gencon and NOVA taking up almost all the free time. Only work of note was the Freeblade Knight Khenti-Amentiu. Fun month though!

September - 8th edition happened and I caught the NuMarine bug and built a small Blood Ravens force. Couldn't face painting more red after four straight months of it, and instead dove in on a Sons of Horus force. Of course. It's a totally understandable reaction that couldn't possibly get out of hand, right?

October - Dreadtober! More Emperor-be-damned crimson! And a whole mess of seafoam green, too!

November - The hobby ADHD kicks into high gear as the year draws to a close. More Sons of Horus, the Genestealer Cult is completed and Necromunda is released!

December - Capping the year is possibly my best work to date on Horus, and the hobby butterfly continues to flitter about with a mess of terrain, more Necromunda and out of the blue, some Harlequins!

Models completed in 2017
Imperial Fists: 47 infantry, 4 vehicles
Thousand Sons: 93 infantry, 4 vehicles
Mechanicum: 15 killer robots
Blood Ravens: 9 NuMarines
Sons of Horus: 53 infantry, 5 vehicles
Genestealer Cult: 46 infantry
Necromunda: 34 gangers
Harlequins: 6 infantry, 1 vehicle
Terrain: 8 vehicles

Total: 303 infantry, 22 vehicles - A tidy pile of completed miniatures in 2017, if I do say so myself!

Next up, looking ahead to 2018!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Necromunda - Bull Gorg modernized!

One of my favorite Necromunda special characters from back in the day was Bull Gorg, pit fighter hero extraordinaire - We ran many a fun scenario with him either staging a revolt, or doing king of the hill style pit fights. Figured I ought to get him cleaned up and modernized for the new version!

I will cop to some youthful exuberance in this build (to be fair, it was nearly 20 years ago), as technically Bull Gorg is just a big human, and not a full-blown Ogryn (he's standing on a 60mm base). Still, can't deny he's an imposing model on the table!

The model is based on an old metal fantasy Ogre, an old rhino hatch in place of the usual belly plate and some techno-gubbins bodged on in the rear. With the addition of a pair of big-ass metal chainswords from the 54mm Inquisitor range it's got some serious heft to it - Let's just say the model can double as a paperweight! Touched up the paint scheme a bit here and there, mostly getting some more highlights in and updating the base color scheme. He's ready for his next fight!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

40k Harlequins - Troupe complete!

Continuing on with the "pulling random old stuff off the shelf" plan I've been working with, There's been a small troupe of Harlequins quietly gathering dust for well over a year. But no longer!


Originally intended to be part of a Dark Eldar army I started and eventually shelved ages ago, these clowns got the Mardi Gras scheme of purple, yellow and green - always an eye-catching combo! Freehanding a zillion little triangles and polka dots was an exhausting exercise!


The troupe's Skyweaver got the same scheme to tie them together, and I am considering adding some further triangles or polka dots along the front of the fuselage - I think it could stand a little more flair!

Overall however I'm fairly happy with 'em, definitely was fun to break out some eye-twisting colors!