Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Heresy Era Dark Angels - Army ready for NOVA!

As of the last post, the heresy era Dark Angels are essentially as done as they are going to get, and everything required for use at NOVA coming up at the end of August is ready to roll! I rather liked how the recent pics with the white background turned out, so figured I'd take the opportunity to reshoot the rest of the force similarly! Already droned on enough about them in previous posts, so we'll let the pictures flow:






A big ol' box of joy arrived from Battlefoam yesterday - took advantage of the 4th of July sale and re-upped my selection of pluckfoam trays. Now to fix the little niggling details that taking/reviewing/posting these pics have shown me (ain't that always the way?) and get 'em packed up for NOVA!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Heresy Era Dark Angels - Termites even more complete than before!

Quick hit today - After muddying up the tracks on the three tanks for the Dark Angels force, I figured I'd better go back and give the Termites the same treatment so everything matches!

As the Termites are supposed to be tunneling up from below, I tried to focus the mud and crud towards the front of the models, and running down along the track sections to the rear. Didn't want to go TOO overboard, but they're definitely dirtier than the tanks!

I was initially suspicious of the texture paints but after giving them some further drybrushing and washes I have to admit I'm really digging the outcome. Definitely will be adding them to my repertoire in the future!

A little spreadsheet porn to round things off. With these being done, everything intended for use at NOVA coming up at the end of August is complete! All that remains is one final Land Raider, which I couldn't fit into any of the lists points-wise. Now the conundrum - Do I press on and finish off the last lone tank and call the force complete, or do I move on to some other project? Gotta admit I'm getting army fatigue painting Dark Angels, it might be time to delve back into the Underhive and paint up the glut of Necromunda miniatures that have been crowding the 'to be painted' shelf...

Monday, July 9, 2018

Heresy Era Dark Angels - Vigilator and tanks painted!

Pressing on towards the finish line on the army for NOVA 2018! The last of the infantry models completed with the Vigilator, and the three tanks intended for the force as well. There's still a few more vehicles on deck, but as they're not part of any the NOVA army lists they can wait for a rainy day!

The Vigilator was made from the new Cypher model, with some admittedly ham-fisted greenstuff to clean up the areas where the Lion's Sword was carved away. Went with a dusty dirty cloak in the same colors as on the bases for his Cameleoline. Haven't had a chance to put him on the table, he's very much there just to make up points in a couple lists.

On to the tanks! Tried something a little different on the treads and included some Agrellan Badlands texture paint to add a little extra oomph to the weathering, and really like how it turned out. Going to have to do the same to the Termites next!

One of two Land Raiders with the awesome Blood and Skulls wrap-around treads. Still gotta add a little more decoration to the green areas on the hulls, and then a second pass of weathering. They need a little something extra.

Can't do Dark Angels without doing some crazy plasma! The Sicaran Omega Tank Destroyer may look a litle ungainly but it has really performed well for me on the table so far. Possibly my favorite Sicaran variant thus far!

Also went with a white background for the tanks and quite like how it looks. I think the back background with the black miniatures may be a little too dark. Time to re-shoot the whole army!