Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Osiron Dreadnought and Castellax-Achea Battle Maniple built!

Some reinforcements arrived from Zhao-Arkkad, and since I've managed to get a fair bit of painting done recently I decided to reward myself with some time gluing my fingers together and cranked out some new models for the force, starting with the Castellax-Achea Battle Maniple:

In the sorting and cleaning process I managed to lose a couple of the claw talons, so in order to hide a bit of a bodge job, one of the Castellax is carrying a legion banner. Doesn't do anything in-game, but thought it could be a neat look and a good focal point for the unit!

Next up was an Osiron Contemptor. My original Great Crusade era Thousand Sons force included a Casteferrum Dread armed with a force weapon and a plasma cannon, so as an homage to that old model I present Seraphis, Revenant Primaris of the Khamasiin's cohort of the dead. I have plans for a further pair of 'vanilla' Thousand Sons Contemptors who will act as Seraphis' bodyguards, though I'm unsure how I'm going to arm them just yet. I sort of want to come up with some large Heqa staffs or the like...

Saturday, May 20, 2017

NOVA Open Charitable Foundation Army - Thallax painting begins!

With the days slipping by toward NOVA, it is high time I got off my duff and start painting up the two Thallax cohorts intended for inclusion in the NOVA 2017 charitable auctions!

Nothing too fancy just yet, just laid in the underpinning metals and got the red armor plates on. We've been provided a painting guide for paint recipes but otherwise have been given fairly free rein on the details. A goodly chunk of the metallics will be getting some further verdigris bronze sections, and we'll get some greens and blues in there as well on various cables and coils!

As a bit of a nod to the Heresy Sons of Horus charity army also up for grabs, I thought it could be amusing to have one of the Thallaxi be holding up a trophy helmet. Rather liked how the sea green turned out, which is dangerous.

...I think it may be a foregone conclusion that I'll have to do a Sons of Horus army of my own once I get done with the Thousand Sons. I have always wanted to build and paint Horus, Abbadon and Loken after all!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Sorcerers Complete!

We had a couple nice days and it was temperate enough to get the sorcerer cabal flocked and sealed! Brace yourself for a mess of pics!

Gotta have the full group up first - Everybody pose for an action shot!

The leader of the current force, Sorcerer Lord Sethep Khet is the commander of the Khamasiin. Borne aloft by the twin flames of his devotion to the cult of the Pyrae, and the burning hate for the loyalists who destroyed his legion and his home.

Sorcerer Adept T'khat-Mose joins the Hyskos Sky-Chariot unit (jetbikes), riding on his personal Disc. Definitely my second-favorite model, pretty pleased with the flame in his hand - He too is a disciple of the Pyrae.

The second Sorcerer Adept of the force, T'khat-Enkhanen is struggling with the flesh-change but has found new depths of resolve in his constant war to keep his form stable.

Adept Asherat follows the Raptora, his fearsome telekinetic powers further bolstered by the constantly-rotating psychic astrolabe atop his force staff.

Adept Jamshid is a devotee of the Corvidae cult, which shouldn't come as a surprise. Even his fellow sorcerers thing he's carrying the bird motif a little too far.

Acolyte Khonsu is one of two lesser wielders of the arts, and generally accompanies one of the Veteran or tactical squads in to battle, providing further psychic might.

Acolyte Djet is the second subaltern psyker of the force and like Khonsu generally skulks around with the support squads.

As a secondary 'named character', the Khamasiin is occasionally allied with other fragmented elements of the the shattered Thousand Sons legion prior to the Scouring and the Legion Wars. Prior to become a founding member of the Black Legion, Iskandar Khayon and his daemon-wolf Gyre led diverse elements of the sons of Magnus in a last ditch attempt to prevent Ahriman from completing his Rubric.

The villain of the piece, Azhek Ahriman will not take the field in this instance of the army, but will be used in the vignette I'm planning!

With that a goodly chunk of the painting chart turns green, which is always a good feeling! Next up, going to switch gears a little and work on the Thallax for the NOVA charity army. Pics to follow of the work done so far!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Sorcerers nearing completion...

It's been a hectic week so not as much brush time as I'd like. Coupled with the fact that the temperatures are soaring, it's becoming less comfortable in the hobby loft after work. Oof!

That said, I have been putting a little time in here and there on the sorcerers and they're almost done! Just a few little touch-ups to go, a few tufts of grass and they'll be ready for a sealant pass. Once they're done I'll be switching gears to work on the NOVA mechanicum models - Gotta get them finished and sent off soon!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Sorcerer Cabal continues, again...

Another quick hit - Not a huge amount of painting time but managed to squeeze in enough to block in the basic white and blue undercoats. They're looking a little less Khorne-y now!

They're very flat so far, just a Vallejo Stonewall Grey as the underpinning of the white, and Magic Blue for the basecoat of the turquoise. More highlights and washes to go before these two colors are complete. The weather has turned rather warm of late and the hobby loft is starting to get less amenable - Time to get the window AC unit reinstalled, I think. Though it being Colorado we could still get one more snowstorm before spring is out!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Sorcerer Cabal continues...

Just a quick hit today, got a little brush time in and laid in the gold trim and the green effect for all the psychic shenanigans. At the moment they look a little Khornate, amusingly - Khorne would be disgusted by all this magical frippery, after all!

Holy moly was that ever a ton of filigree to pick out! Next up will be the whites and blues for the loincloths and robes, which should help them start to look a bit more Thousand Sons-y. So far, so good!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Sorcerer Cabal begins!

Once the new Thousand Sons plastics were released I fell in love with the Exalted Sorcerers kit - No real surprise there I suppose! I ended up picking up several boxes worth and just couldn't stop building Sorcerers until I reached Tzeentch's favored nine. Now it's time to paint 'em!

Sethep-Khet is already done, so I have him out to ensure I'm maintaining the scheme correctly on the next eight! I have a scheme in mind to do a little vignette with Khayon facing off against Ahriman at the height of the casting of the Rubric, we'll see how it pans out!

In other news, I've been doing a fair bit of research into transport solutions as I'm going to more destination events these days. While I've been reasonably happy with the Battlefoam PackAir and Pack720, after three or four trips each they're starting to get pretty beat up - the extendable handle on my PackAir no longer functions, and the 720 is suffering some stitching issues. Had a little extra cash squirreled away for a replacement for the Air, and ended up deciding on going for the daddy of transport and picked up a Pelican 1615, which arrived a few days ago!

I have to say that I'm well pleased with it so far! The interior dimensions allow for 6" of trays, with one set of large and two sets of mediums side-by-side. A little shallower than I'd hoped due to the top and bottom foam - there's an inch-thick chunk on the bottom that fits around the wheel and handle insets, as well as an inch and a half of eggshell in the lid, but in the end that's probably best for transport safety anyway!

It comes with some very robust-seeming wheels and handle arrangement, time will tell as to how it will hold up, but I have to say I'm not concerned based on Pelican's well-known ruggedness! A bit spendier than the more-or-less-equivalently-sized 1520, but I have a feeling it'll withstand a lot more abuse at the hands of the airline baggage gorillas!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Drop Pods built!

In concert with the Storm Eagle, the rest of the Khamasiin's infantry will be dropping into battle via jump pack or drop pod. That means I needed to build some drop pods - three of 'em in fact! Now while it's not the most difficult model to assemble, good lord is it tedious. Almost every piece is repeated five times and building three of 'em at once meant fifteen repetitions at a time. The horror... the horror...

That said, with some perseverance (and not a little bit of swearing), the three pods have rolled off the assembly line!

To facilitate painting, the models were built in three sub assemblies. The bottom 'starfish' was built first, then the stabilizer fins and engine were assembled using the starfish as a placement guide but leaving the fins unglued at the bottom. The fit is tight enough that they stay clipped on quite well, but will be glued in place once they're painted up. The center console was left separate as well, I'm not a big fan of the restraint harnesses (a little too busy for the interior) so they're being left out for now.

While the top and bottom sections are removable, it's also a truism that they really only fit well in the position they were built. Rotating them to an alternate position works to an extent but in certain cases they don't line up well. To avoid that I marked a single fin and made a matching mark on the starfish (single, double and triple hash marks respectively) so I know which top goes with which bottom and in what orientation. A little pre-planning goes a long way to prevent future problems!

Another quick tip that I found helpful when building the bottom section - The ramps sometimes stick or are prevented from closing easily by the design of the center section. I find that if you shave down the hard corner on the hinge connections, the doors open and close much smoother.

All in all not the most exciting bit of construction for the force, but feels good to get them out of the way! At this point there's enough assembled to start doing some test games, and a fair bit more to add to the painting queue!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Storm Eagle 'Quas' painting underway!

After the waves of infantry I figured it was time to work on a vehicle for a change! As part of the orbital assault rite of war all of the models must either be able to deep strike or be transported in a vehicle capable of doing so. In addition to a trio of drop pods (pics to follow), the Khamasiin will have a Storm Eagle ferrying tactical squad Hesyre, and due to its size it'll also be a centerpiece model for the army.

Basically just roughing in the base colors so far, earthtones for the areas that will be done up in bone and blacking in the areas that will end up in steel (and areas that will just be black). It was actually a bit of an adjustment switching over from the little minis to this somewhat unwieldy flyer!

The army progress tracker is getting colorful now! More or less everything is assembled at this point, and a fair chunk of it is on the way to being finished - Soon it'll be time to try actually getting them on the table to get a feel for how they play...

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Assault squads built!

Up to this point I haven't had a viable army assembled, so this weekend I finished up the pair of assault squads - Gets me up to three valid compulsory troops choices and opens up the option of running the Orbital Assault or Drop Assault Vanguard rites of war for the Khamasiin Warhost!

I wanted to continue on with the nods to older versions of the force, but also update them somewhat so assault squad Besenmut's sergeant will be getting the ethereal wing treatment similar to what I'd done last go-around. This time however I decided that rather than using the sanguinary guard wings I'd go with the feathered Scourge wings from the Dark Eldar line. Continues the theme, but also helps show the slide into darkness that the force is undergoing!

I'd thought to do one big 20-man assault squad, but as I was able to dredge an extra sets of wings out of the Closet of Doom, two 10-man squads it is. Sergeant Mekhata also got the wing treatment, but I wanted to vary the pose a bit so they weren't both carbon copies. All of the models got the Achean upgrade kits, and some tabards to help drive home the Thousand Sons look.

Rather happy with how they've turned out, and I look forward to getting some paint on 'em!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Veterans and Tactical Squads complete, and Plasma Cannons ahoy!

The weather turned nice enough earlier in the week that I was able to get a mess of models spray sealed, which means I finally have models suitable to hit the table for some test games!

The bedrock of every iteration of my Thousand Sons is Tactical Squad Hesyre, it's hard to go wrong with the good ol' legion tactical squad of 20 marines with extra close combat weapons. Given they will be transported in a Storm Eagle this go-around, they're essentially an assault squad this time!

Veteran Squad Khalmekt is a returning unit, they performed admirably in the previous incarnation of the force so are armed identically with a pair of melta guns. The addition of them getting Brotherhood of Sorcerers with the new rules makes them all the more delicious!

Where one veteran squad was good, a second one is twice as good right? Introducing Veteran Squad Apophis. Nothing too unusual here, more anti-tank goodness to be delivered by drop pod as part of the Khamasiin configuration alongside their other veteran brethren.

Another new addition to the force is Heavy Support Squad Khalid, armed with plasma cannons - The new Thousand Sons rules grant them the option to upgrade them to Aether-fire cannons which grants them Soul Blaze. Foom! Finished these off today, but the weather has subsequently turned so they're still awaiting sealant.

Updated the painting chart, felt good to start turning some boxes green! Started painting the Storm Eagle, as well as the sky chariots, but felt I deserved a little reward for all the painting and started building the assault squads. Nothing worth taking pics of yet, but soon...

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Heresy Era Mechanicum - NOCF Charity Army 2017 kickoff!

It's very much early days yet, but the Nova Open Charitable Foundation raffle projects are getting rolling, and I was honored to be allowed to participate again this year! Among the various other items that will be going up for auction over the next six months are a couple Horus Heresy armies including a Sons of Horus force, and a Mechanicum cohort which are being painted up by some phenomenally talented artists. ...And me. Hah!

Naturally I volunteered for team Mechanicum, and will be painting up a couple units of Thallax. They're a little fiddly to assemble but I've started to get the hang of it, and you really can get some cool poses out of them!

Didn't want to just repeat the "get over here" pose with the second claw hand, so decided to go a bit more brutal and have him holding a damaged helmet. I'm planning on painting it up using the Sons of Horus recipe for the opposing army project, which should be fun!

...Of course, if I end up enjoying the sea green scheme I will undoubtedly be tempted to do a Sons of Horus army of my own. Nooooooo, my wallet!