Monday, April 20, 2009

The other side of the coin

Lastly, I have a Traitor Guard army lurking in the depths of my shelves. Of all the side projects, it has the most completed models, but is the one I'm least likely to work on at the moment. One guard army at a time after all!

I absolutely love the forge world traitor guard figs, especially this Rogue Psyker.

More FW goodness, the commissar's dark counterpart (er... darker counterpart?) - Renegade Enforcers. Simply brilliant castings.

I'm doing one squad of Traitor Guard devoted to each of the four ruinous powers - For the Khornate guardsmen I decided a squad of Blood Pact would be appropriate. The models are mish-mash of parts from the Chaos Marauders and Brettonians in the WHFB range, along with bits from the Catachan sprues. Their masks are made from the shaved-off faces of fantasy goblins.

The Yin to Thargadd's Thumpers Yang, a group of Renegade Ogryns. Right about here is where I ran out of steam on the army, and it's been pushed way back on the shelves (and in the painting queue).

The traitor guard is actually a fairly large army - in addition to the above, there's three more troops squads, a large mob of menials, a number of tanks, some Alpha Legion traitor marines, and a traitor Baneblade... Yes, that's what happened to my first plastic baneblade - I always wanted to do a traitor version, but wasn't quite up to defiling a $300 FW model to make one!


  1. Shaved off goblin faces for pact masks is brilliant! One of those ideas that I'd never thought of but once I see/read it is so obvious.

  2. Thanks! I basically cut them from the bridge of the nose down to just behind the mouth. It also required shaving the faces of the bretonnian heads a little bit so I had a flat place to glue to 'mask'. Depending on the goblin the masks ended up just a little larger than I wanted, but it's not too over the top. In retrospect I'm thinking that perhaps gnoblars would have been a little closer to the correct size, though they might prove to be too small...