Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Utilizing a painting chart to track progress.

Following Admiral Drax's lead (the guy is a constant source of great ideas), I sat down and worked out a painting chart to help me visualize where the army stands today, what's been painted/what's being painted, and what's left to build. I started to build out the chart following the original Mordian 7th's FOC, but it became unwieldy so I reverted back to the standard HQ/Elites/Troops/Fast Attack/Heavy Support breakdown (though I kept the various platoon numbers intact).

Unfortunately it appears that I'm not as far along with the army as I'd originally thought - though to be fair I have completed the lion's share of the infantry at this point (barring a unit of beastmen and a couple rough rider squads) which I find to be the hardest units for me to do. There's a lot of work remaining in the Heavy Support category, but those shouldn't take too much time once I finish the builds and get them primered.

I included the Leviathan on the chart, which will bring the army up to just a touch over 8,000 points. I've been gathering bits to make the beast, and I'm slowly gearing up to take on the construction. My initial plan was to build the superstructure out of wood, but I've subsequently changed my mind and decided on using insulating foam and plasticard for weight considerations.

I plan to keep this chart updated as I make progress on the army - a big thanks to Drax for this idea, I really think it'll help me stay on task (something that I can always use help doing)!


  1. Wow, that actually looks like a good idea. I may have to do one, looks really helpful for identifying the scale of an army project and your progress. Not to mention I love messing about with Excel! :D

  2. And I thought my task list was daunting! Whew! Good luck with that.

  3. Crumbs!

    (and you're always very welcome)