Thursday, July 1, 2010

Da big, bad, biker boyz!

A bit more progress on Da Orks over the last week - I decided that I'd take some time and finish up the Nob Bikers. I'd purchased the Ork Warboss on a Bike from Forgeworld as the model is just beautiful. On the other hand though, while I do like the look of the FW Nob Bikers, I find them to be prohibitively expensive, so I built mine out of the bits that come from the GW plastic warbikers.

The warboss is a seriously imposing model, and I really liked that they included a terrain base to go along with it. The model was missing a bracket for one of the mudguards, but rather than write them for a replacement for such a little bit I just made one out of plasticard and called it good. Once it was primered you can't even tell the difference.

I did make two specialist Nobs that aren't available via the regular plastic kits. First up, the requisite Painboy. I used a few bits from the Trukk sprues and build an 'Urty Syringe out of some plasticard, a slugga and some guitar string. I also included a Grot Assistant on a little fighting platform - he carries the anasthetic (in the form of a big club)!

Lastly, my favorite of the models, the Waaagh Banna. I wanted to build him in such a way that he really looks like a raving loon, so instead of sitting in the saddle, he's standing on it, steering with his foot and shouting. It worked out pretty well - he looks like a lunatic!

With that, I'm deciding what project to work on next, I think it may be time to swing back over into the Ad-Mech and work on the Scions of Mars for a while...


  1. Those look great! Very Evil-Sunny. Love the boss, I think he looks even more imposing among "regular" bikers.

    My only real suggestion would be that the banner looks pretty static for being on a speeding bike. Something like the banner from the Skaven Doomwheel I think would look even better and convey the sense of speed.

  2. Dear Mordian
    They are absolutely gorgeous, with lots of little touches like the lenses that make the models stand out.

  3. The bikers are awesome. You are making Orks look like a fun army to build...STOP IT!! I already have a SM army planned if I ever get to the end of my guard. When will I ever find time to do Orks?


  4. Thanks folks!

    @Sonsoftaurus - Good call, I really need to pick up a Doomwheel for bits. It looks like there's a lot of good conversion fodder!

    @John - Thanks very much! I love the new Ork model sculpts for all the little details they added, they're a blast to paint!

    @Col. Hessler - When one hears the roar of Mork (and possibly Gork) it's hard to resist! As conversion work is my favorite part of the hobby, the new Ork kits give you a bonanza of fun options. Go on, join the Waaagh! No promises about it being a sound financial decision, though... :)