Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Adeptus Custodes Terminators

Not a huge amount of forward progress on the Dark Eldar of late, I've been working on batch painting four Raiders and a Venom all at the same time. That's been more than a little tedious, so I decided to take a break from the red and gold paint scheme and instead paint something... gold... and red. Argh.

I'd picked up these Custodes Terminators years and years ago and they have patiently waited in the Closet of Doom until the recent release of the new Grey Knights. After reading through the codex, I figured that they would be well-represented on the tabletop as a unit of Paladins, and set about building them accordingly utilizing a mix of the GK Terminator arms, and the arms that came with the Custodes originally.

As there isn't really a 'Sergeant' for the unit, I went with a slightly-more-ornate Nemesis Force Halberd for one of the models.

Though it's not nearly as powerful as the almighty Psycannon, the artwork for the Custodes clearly shows them carrying a flame lance, so I've included one in the unit as a counts-as Incinerator.

Rounding out the unit are three more NFH-armed terminators. Unfortunately all of the main bodies for the Custodes are identical, so I tried to utilize the varied arm poses to try and get them to look a bit more individual. As I have no plans to run a GK army, these models will be going on eBay this coming weekend...

As mentioned earlier, I'm in the midst of batch painting all the transports for the Dark Eldar, and snapped a quick picture of them while I was about it. Still a ways to go, but at least all the main colors have been blocked in!


  1. Swizeet! I love the halberd power-effects.

  2. Nice models! Are they Scibor kits, or did you find them somewhere else?

  3. Thanks folks!

    @#2501 - I picked them up on eBay from Velard years back, who is the same guy who made the resin Anathema and King Russ tanks that I have shown. I'm unclear who the original sculptor was though, sorry...

  4. The armour looks fantastic mate!
    Great pick!
    Paint job is awesome to.

  5. really lovely work Mordian! As always, top notch!

  6. Thanks very much folks - I really appreciate the kind words!

  7. Purple armour ? Shouldn't it be purple? (A thousand suns book)

  8. Not that I've ever seen - I'm going with the "Visions of Heresy" art book's take on the Custotes, which is all crimson and gold...