Friday, October 21, 2011

Mordian 7th Regiment - Veterans painted, advisors rebased

It's been crazy busy at work of late, but I did manage to find a little time to polish off the Veteran squads.

2nd Platoon, 1st Squad - The heavy infantry killers, armed with a trio of plasma guns, a plasma pistol and poweraxe-toting sergeant, and the 2nd platoon standard. It has no in-game effect, just a decorative addition.

2nd Platoon, 2nd Squad - The Anti-tank squad, armed with three melta gunss, a sergeant with a power fist and the squad demolitions upgrade.

While I was about it, I started rebasing the older models that are being folded into the new army. In this case the advisers - I decided the regimental command staff seconded to D company would wear red armor to help them stand out a bit. There's a fair number of models from the older version of the army that will be getting rebased. Luckily it's a simple matter of repainting them from grey to earth tones and adding a bit of static grass. Easy peasy!


  1. They look great! The yellow weapons really stand out! Also, I love the officer of the fleets pet dog! Is that from the Bretonian set?

    nice to see that you're still getting painting in. I've been quiet on my blog, but only because I'm feverishly painting TANKS! watch this space...

  2. Love the models & paint scheme, especially your model posed 'mid-shot'. Brilliant.

  3. Thanks folks!

    @Oink - The paint scheme on the fatigues and armor is pretty dark, so I thought a bright spot color would help them pop a bit (as well as make it easier to identify weapons on the tabletop). Yup, the dog is from the Brettonian Men-at-arms set. Just realized I never gave it pupils though. Doh!

    @Menzies Tank - I appreciate it! The guardsman getting shot represents one of the 'bodyguard' advisers, figured it was an appropriate pose. It's hard to tell from the pic, but he's dropping a frag grenade as well, the pin is on the ground in the grass by his feet... :)

  4. Very nice looking squads. I like the 'advisors' especially. The red definitely works, I like a red/grey uniform.

  5. Looking Good as ever :) I like teh contrasting colors of the blue and gold. Looks great on that power fist!

  6. I appreciate the kind words, folks!

    @Hendrid - The red/grey is a holdover from my previous version of the 7th, but the 'correct' color scheme is black fatigues with red piping. Nevertheless, I liked the models too much to sell them off with the rest, so now I'm calling it the Regimental command colors.

    @LuckyNo.5 - I was struggling a bit with the somewhat monochromatic scheme the blue-black/grey provided, the bright yellow and blue really help to define the models. Still working on color theory! :)