Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dreamforge Kickstarter Leviathan Crusader Unboxing

Well... Real Life(tm) has been kicking my butt recently - it's been 60+ hours a week at work and that hasn't left much time for the hobby. However, I did get a huge package in the mail - the first batch of stuff from the Dreamforge Games kickstarter arrived, and I snapped a few pics of the unboxing!

I ended up ordering a pair of the Leviathan Crusaders, a Leviathan Mortis and a mess of weapon upgrades and whatnot. In the first shipment were the Crusaders, the left arm Vulcan cannons, the capacitor upgrades and the Excalibur alternate swords. Plenty to keep me busy until the Mortis and the other weapon arms show up a few months from now! I was impressed with the boxes, plenty of pretty pics and suggested build ideas!

Opening the big box revealed that it's all protected with foam, and I really appreciated the fact that they included a base for the monster as well - definitely a nice touch!

The instruction manual is thorough and appears to be pretty comprehensive, it definitely set my mind at ease for when it comes time to build the beast!

The sprues were all banded and stacked together and all the bits seemed free from warping (if only I could have said the same for the Sedition Wars models) and are all very crisp and well detailed. They use the same plastic sprue layout that the other Wargames Factory models utilize, but really seem better cast and more refined than the Shock Troop models I've been using for my Ad-Mech army. Definitely a step up in quality it seems!

At the bottom of the box was a plastic tray that includes a number of bits and pieces that I assume are what separates the Crusader from the Mortis kit, and to my surprise the kit also utilizes metal screws in the construction and includes a little screwdriver as well. According to the instructions, it's possible to build the kit such that it remains thoroughly articulated and posable, though my intention is to build it in a dynamic pose and glue it together for stability (which the instructions also suggests).

As I mentioned, I ended up ordering a pair of Crusaders and a Mortis, but I think one of the Crusaders will be going up on the auction block at some point soon. In retrospect I think I should have ordered up the 15mm versions for use as Knight Titans - this full-sized kit appears to be more in line with the Warhound Titan scale-wise. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Really looking forward to getting stuck in building this kit, though it's unfortunately not looking like I'm going to have a lot of free time to do so in the near future. Boo!


  1. Wow - very shiny. Have ordered a couple of the smaller ones, gonna follow this closely to see how it goes. On their blog I think or perhaps newletter, a few minor issues regarding the "putting it together"was adressed. If you can't find it just pm me at TF and i'll forward it to you. The guy who designed it, even found a couple of part on the sprues, he didn't know what was for :D

  2. Good to see one of these in a blog I follow and looking forward to seeing what you do with it. I have ordered a 8 1/2 incher too but being in Blightly mines still crossing over the big blue. I think this should be ok as a knight though, the 4 1/2 incher is only an inch taller than a contemptor. Its more a dreadknight scale. If you look at you can see one of the old 9 1/2 resins crusaders painted up next to various titans. Anyway, Keep up the good work.

  3. @Manus: Nice! I'm looking forward to seeing how the 15mm ones work for your Ad-Mech! I saw that email from Mark about the mystery bits, got a chuckle out of that. Worst case scenario, they get added to the base as terrain gribblies!

    @Col. Hertford: I'm hoping to get some build time with it this coming weekend, and will get a few side-by-side shots with my Knight Errant for scale. Looking forward to seeing how yours comes together - it definitely looks like it's going to be a blast to build!

  4. We must be stalking eachother on Kickstarter as this is yet another one I got in on along with Sedition Wars.

    I got the Troopers though and wow, they are some fine looking sculpts indeed!

    Excited to see what you do with the Leviathan mate. Before you stick up that 2nd one on Ebay, let me know what you want for it, I might be in the market to take it off your hands. 

  5. I haven't posted in quite a while, but I am glad to see you have got yourself some awesome toys lately, haha!

  6. @Dai: Hah! Great minds think alike. I didn't end up getting any of the Eisenkern, but my buddy Dave did - I'm looking forward to seeing them in person, he sounded rather pleased with the kits that he got. Definitely want to see what you do with 'em too!

    @Damn The Valley: The best part was they were paid for months and months ago, so all the new toys didn't come out of the (admittedly thin) current hobby fund. It was like christmas!

  7. Did you get in on the Sodapop Minis one too? If so, then my wife might want to have a word with you. :)

  8. Hah! No, I was on the fence but deliberated too long and missed it. Same thing with the Judge Dredd one too, which I'm kicking myself for. Buddy of mine got in on that and it sounds like the Rogue Trooper one that is coming up is going to be pretty cool!