Monday, March 11, 2013

Dark Angels - Last of the Terminators and Whirlwind complete

Howdy folks, long time, no post. Real Life(tm) has been an absolute bear of late, with work and to a lesser extent the band eating up nearly all of my time. Coupled with the stress of an impending layoff I haven't really been feeling my hobby mojo and so there hasn't been much going on worth posting about. However, this past Saturday I ended up getting snowed in and had a free day so I dusted off the paints and got stuck in on the last of the Dark Angels.

First up is the unit of Deathwing Knights. I really dig these models, but their rules on the tabletop seemed a bit lackluster so they've been languishing on the to-be-painted shelf. I really like the addition of the little Watcher in the Dark!

Next up is the Deathwing Command Squad. Not much to say here, I used one of the left-over Knight torsos for the company champion, but otherwise they're pretty straightforward. I did enjoy painting the banner, it looks a little washed out in this pic unfortunately. Still getting the hang of the new picture taking setup...

Lastly, the cheap-as-chips Whirlwind. In the DA codex, it's taken a significant price cut, so it's almost an auto-include at this point for some extra anti-horde firepower.

With these done, the army is now completely painted! I'll try and find some time to drag them all out and get an army shot taken. Unfortunately, they're all going to be going up on eBay soon - as I alluded to earlier, there's a fair chance that I'm going to be getting laid off at the end of the week, if that proves to be the case expect to see a fair bit of stuff going up on the auction block over the next month or so. Not ideal, but mortgages much come before miniatures...


  1. These minis look great. I rally dig the use of Blue as the main energy/lens color. It really compliments he green well.

  2. Ah, good to see the Whirlwind get some love. I've got two to use when they (hopefully) do the same with the new SM codex whenever that'll be. They work just fine in friendly games, good horde killers.

    Love those Knights, they and the Nephilim Fighter are cool models to have as allies for my Relictors!

  3. Thanks everyone!

    @Admiral Drax: I appreciate it. Been on tenterhooks for a month, one way or another it'll all be decided on Thursday.

    @The Eye Of Error: Thanks! I was worried that they'd get a little too raucous with the red, green and blue spot colors but it worked out all right in the end. :)

    @Siph_Horridus: Indeed! With the price drop in the DA codex I think we'll see a similar reduction in future codexes.

    @Lucas Massa: I appreciate it!

  4. Very high quality. Hope everything works out with work... I've just started following you after finding and discussing the Leviathan project I'm starting.

  5. @George H: Thanks! Did you see the Leviathan that Col. Gravis recently finished building? Definitely worth a look:


  6. These look great sir.

    Such a shame your hobby goods must be sold off.

    I've been sat with the threat of a layoff sat over me since November.... Hooray for working for local Government! (Or not.)

    All my best wishes sir. Let us know should you be forced to sell so I can repost your ebay links, etc and help out.

  7. Those are some great looking minis!

  8. @Dai: Thanks man - I just found out yesterday that I will be getting the axe. Didn't get cut loose immediately (they're keeping me on to do some transition work), but the final exit date isn't too far off. C'est la Vie, I suppose.

    @LuckGod: I appreciate it!