Friday, June 28, 2013

Eldar - Armorcast Tempest, I got the blues so baaaaaaad...

Finished the cleanup of the Tempest last night while watching a movie and after work today I braved the heat in the hobby loft to get the base blue on it!

I'm thinking I'll do yellow in three stripes from the turret collar to the edges of the hull, following the plating to define the rays. The underside, weapons and engines will get the bone color treatment and the various gems and cockpit windows will follow. It really is a quick and easy paint scheme I'm finding!

Recently there was a bit of news about Feast of Blades 2013 coming up in October in Denver - I went last year as an observer and had a good time. They're running a narrative drop in/drop out apocalypse game, so I'm thinking it may be fun to head down and throw down the Knights (imperial and eldar), the Tempest and the Baneblade, and the Leviathan command carrier!


  1. Damn. that was fast. i can tell you are having fun from the speed at which you are blazing through these :)

  2. Per Zab - Wow you are getting quicker and quicker.

    Still loving the sponged effect.

    Looking forward to seeing the yellow hit it - thats when your stuff seems to really pop.

  3. Loving that sponge effect. If it's fast then all the better!

  4. Nice work again! :) I tried to get one of these on Ebay the other week but was thwarted by someone with sniper software.

  5. @Zab: I have to admit, they have been a blast to paint! Trying out all the new techniques has really been fun.

    @Frothing Muppet: I'm really happy with the sponging, and am looking forward to utilizing that technique to apply weathering to my guard vehicles soon!

    @17yearoldhobbyist: It really is a quick and fun (albeit messy) method to lay down a mottled color scheme. I'm thinking that by using different colors (such as browns and greens) rather than just shades of a single color one could get some neat camouflage effect. Gonna have to try that out!

    @Sir Tainly: Doh! Hate that. There was an armorcast doomweaver up recently that ended up getting bid out of my price range. Curses!

    Cheers all!

  6. Do you use a sponge for that or just bash bristles on it???

  7. @J.D. Brink: Aye, the blue was 90% sponge-work. Could probably benefit from a larger sponge on a model of this size though...

  8. I applaud your taking to advanced painting tactics!