Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Adeptus Mechanicus - Knight Paladins livery painting

I've been feeling a little burned out on painting Thousand Sons recently and have been frittering around on various models trying to find something to 'cleanse the palate' as it were - I picked up and put down a number of units over the last week but nothing was holding my interest. Eventually my eyes fell upon a couple monsters lurking at the back of the painting shelves and I thought they might be just the thing!

I'd put the knights on hold a few months back as the boxes of resin crack from Forge World had arrived, but now that I've more or less cranked through all of that, I wanted to get some of the livery started on the Paladins. The old color scheme for House Krast included some red and white striped panels along with some cruciform icons. Pretty pleased with how they pop against the blue and yellow!

Still a long way to go before they're done! I need to sort out some further waterslide transfers as well as some weathering. The more I look at them the less happy I am with the edging as well - Trying to decide whether I need to go in and thin the light blue lines out by blocking in more dark blue, or add another even lighter blue as an extreme edge highlight at the corners of the plates. In any case, it's a welcome change from the swathes of crimson and gold I've been working on of late!


  1. good lord the knights got you too huh? Tidy up with the dark blue it will help define everything if the panel lines are thinner. Great start!

  2. I'm loving the yellow, I am attempting a House Hawkshroud Knight, slowly. Look forward to seeing the finished article.

  3. Wow. They look cheerful for giant killer robots.

    But hey, you can't really hide one of those things, so why not ? I like 'em.