Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Heresy Era Imperial Fists - That New Car Smell...

Arrived home this afternoon to find the second Box o' Joy from FW awaiting me - always a pleasant surprise when it arrives! Wave one was almost a hundred models while Wave Two consists of, well, six.

But it's a BIG six! A pair of Contemptors with power fists and Kheres assault cannons, a pair of Sicaran Venators (as a pair of Raven Guard Venators straight up took apart my Thousand Sons tanks at the LVO), and last but not least a pair of armoured Proteus land raiders which will tote around the two breacher squads. ...And some Imperial Fist decorative bits to spruce up the tanks a bit, of course!

Had to break out the big bucket to get the two Proteusses into the wash! For big tanks like these I like to do at least two 24 hour soak and scrub passes. There is absolutely nothing more frustrating than sections of paint peeling away on big centerpiece models like this due to insufficient cleaning! Not that that's happened to me more than a dozen times up to and including just a few months ago. Argh.

Speaking of that new car smell, the assault squad is at what I think of as the "off the showroom floor" stage. At this point they'll get a sealant coat before any waterslide transfers and weathering is applied, but as we're in the grip of a typical Colorado springtime (it was 80 two days ago and is supposed to snow on Friday), I need to choose my moment to do so quite carefully!

I agreed with the multiple suggestions that the sandstone bases were a little too light, and as such gave all those areas a bit of a wash - still a little on the shiny not-quite-dry side here. I went in and fixed up the eyes that I'd missed earlier, a quick shade and little white specular dot for each. All those nice wide open yellow spaces are begging for some battle damage - quite looking forward to that!

...And not just to help cover up areas where I got sloppy! Well, a moderate amount of covering up of areas where I got sloppy. :)

I'm considering adding some red diagonal slash decoration to the chainswords, one or two diagonal bands out toward the tip of the weapon housing (as opposed to full-bore hazard stripes) - I think the models could stand to have a little red spot color on 'em as they're feeling a touch monochomatic to me at the moment. Definitely up for suggestions!


  1. Much better tone on the bases. Always good to see more sons of dorm in the galaxy.

  2. Yes those bases look much better darkened somewhat. Maybe some litlle tufts of static grass is a few choice parts, like under rocks, could work really well and give a colour variation to the bases.

    I think the red on the chainsword would work nicely. The models are great but that additional spot colour should make them pop alot more.

    I cant wait to see them with all the batlle damage on :)

  3. Wow, those bases are astounding...

    ...but those yellows!

    By criminy! I could paint my entire lifetime and never get anywhere near painting yellow that well!

  4. Top work as always. Bases and yellows are fantastic.

    I agree on some red - you cant go wrong with a splash of red here or there.

    I can't imagine what your missus thinks with all these packages turning up - mine would blow a gasket!

  5. You make me so happy. Here I was planning on doing "the first templars" and you go and paint up an awesome fists army, giving me perfect inspiration! Such a joy!

  6. Much better sir! I think the red spot colour and some battle damage will very much make these pop all the more!

  7. @TheAmbit: Thanks very much, man!

    @Stephen: I appreciate it! Definitely a nice change from all the red of late!

    @NafNaf: Indeed - Going to get a little static grass on right before the final sealant coat. Cheers!

    @Admiral Drax: Thanks very much man! Turns out this yellow recipe is surprisingly quick and easy to accomplish - I'm a lazy painter at heart, after all! 4 colors, mostly drybrushed and a wash. Simples!

    @Frothing Muppet: Cheers bud! Luckily all the funds diverted to these projects have come from recent hobby sales, so no impact to the 'real life' budget. ;)

    @Greg Hess: Thanks! Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with, man!

    @Dai: Indeed! They're coming together nicely.

    I appreciate all the kind words and suggestions, everyone!

  8. These look amazing! Great work as always!

  9. @Zzzzzz: Thanks!

    @Rob: I appreciate it!