Thursday, April 21, 2016

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Infantry flocked and sealed!

I don't want to call 'em "complete" per se, as I'm still casting about for where I put the waterslide transfers for the shoulder pads, but they're done enough for the event on the 30th! As I've pretty much pounded these models into the ground I'll just show off the pics!

Terminator Squad Ankhet

Terminator Squad Phosis

Veteran Squad Khalmekt

Tactical Squad Hesyre

Sorcerer of the Corvidae Cult

Centurion Delgatus

Painting chart ahoy!

That marks what is probably a record for me - 1,145 points painted in a week. Phew! So at this point I have 8 days to paint two Rhinos. Quite pleased with how the army is cranking along - of course, now the challenge is repressing the urge to sell 'em off and start a whole new project. Haha!


  1. Keep 'em and get a best painted army award first. Then you can sell 'em for more!!!!

  2. Hey man, congrats on grtting them finished. They look great :)

  3. If I managed 1145 points in a year I'd be a amazed.

    Looking great, I look forward to seeing some shots of the force in action.

  4. Eight days to paint two rhinos? You will never make it at your speed. Honestly though I am really liking how you did the bases, nice subtle amounts of flock.

    Don't worry you don't need to sell it off, it is my birthday next week sure ha

  5. I echo Rory's comemnt about the flock, it's subtle and really adds something without distracting from the rest of the models. The bases are really cool too. I could never do that many points in such a short time, I don;t think I have the patience or the speed, I always find myself doing one or two steps more than I should. Of course the nids have a great system now, so they can progress quicker but anything else, with this much detail, not a chance!

  6. How do you do it..... I'm still amazed at the productivity and standard! Even after following your blog for years!

  7. Wow, great work as ever Mordian, way to knock all those troops out! Only 1,145 points in only one week, you clearly need to build a tank so you can paint 1,145 rivets in a week!

    Honestly, you kill me a bit inside every time you build up an awesome army and sell it off! But if it funds the next exciting build then do it!

  8. Great work as ever Mordian, I second that! Love your deep red hue. Similar scheme to those Ad Mech with the Reds, Golds and bright Blues. Great stuff.

  9. Wow, how quick, great finish and echo others comments the bases really add to the overall finish. Keep these for a change!

  10. I've had four hybrids staring at me for a week, and here an entire army marches onto one end of your desk unpainted and off the other in full colors and basing! My God, man, you are a MACHINE!

  11. @Zab: Hah! Best painted is never in the cards for me. Quickly painted, now there's an award I can shoot for. ;)

    @NafNaf: Thanks very much!

    @Rictus: I appreciate it! Definitely plan on taking plenty of pics at the upcoming event!

    @Rory Priest: It's gonna be a close run thing. Especially since Battlefleet Gothic:Armada just released and the siren call of the computer game sings to me. Must... Resist!

    @Dave Weston: Thanks! The little hit of green gives it a little extra spot color that contrasts against the reds. I dunno man, you crank out the 'Nids like there's no tomorrow - they are much more challenging with all the organic shapes in my opinion!

    @Col. Hertford: The speed is 90% pre-planning, really. Doesn't hurt that I've painted essentially this exact recipe on about 400 marines at this point. Hah!

    @Joe B: Thanks man! Aye, there's still a half-painted Stormhammer that has at least that many rivets awaiting me. Noooooooo! :)

    @Siph_Horridus: Cheers! Indeed, the paint scheme is more or less identical to the Ad-Mech I've done recently as well. Half of the reason I'm excited to paint some Orks for the NOVA Open is just because there's no red in the scheme! Hah!

    @Extremedoc1: I appreciate it! These will be kept at least through September, or at least that's the plan. We'll see what my hobby ADHD has to say about that, I suppose...

    @#2501: The deadline rapidly approaching for the upcoming event definitely helped focus my attentions. I dunno that I could maintain this level of output for long without going mental. ...Or perhaps it's TOO LATE! Wibblywibblywibbly! ;)

    Thanks very much for all the kind words, everyone!

  12. I was waiting for the "Going to sell these" comment...

    Crazy bugger.

    Still, the rate you can spit out new armies means you'll have something new in very short order.

  13. Not surprised in the least!

    I was also wondering when the "Going to sell it now" comment would appear.

  14. @Dai: Haha! These will be sticking around until at least September, once I get back from NOVA however all bets are off! ;)

    @Riot ville: It's only a matter of time... Hah!