Monday, July 24, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Terminators and Storm Eagle complete, and a family photo!

Had a surprising amount of hobby time over the weekend and got quite a bit of work done! Polished off the Terminators, the Storm Eagle, and pulled everything that has been completed so far out for a family portrait. Woo!

I find I have a hard time photographing the shiny red, depending on the light it looks way lighter and darker, shinier and matte in the photos. It's odd! The Cataphractii will likely be hitting the table at NOVA, it's hard to go wrong with a whole mess of chainfists!

That said, I think I do actually prefer the look of the Tartaros terminators, the greater amount of blue on 'em really helps them pop. The five combi-plasmas will mean their opponents will pop too! ...As will at least one of the Tartaros from a plasma gun meltdown.

The Storm Eagle is a contentious piece for me. While it's a great centerpiece for the army, it's an absolute nightmare to build and has consistently under-performed on the table for me (mostly down to poor reserve rolls meaning a good 600 points isn't on the table until late in the game). Coupled with the fact that it takes up a huge amount of room in the travel bag, it ended up getting cut from the NOVA list, which is a bit of a shame. The points and space will be better used elsewhere in the majority of the games I have scheduled out there though...

With those three units done I figured it was high time to pull out everything that's been painted so far and get a group shot. It's about 5000 points as shown here, though a good chunk of that is down to the sorcerous overkill in the HQ slots. Only three more units to go before it's all complete!

Speaking of, it was really encouraging to see the painting chart flip over to almost entirely green at this point. The end is in sight!

This has been a rather fun project, but I'll admit to feeling some army painter's fatigue at this point. I'm struggling to decide whether to make the last push and knock out the last few models, or take a little breather and do something else for a bit. I can rest on my laurels a touch as all of the models intended to go out to NOVA are done, as are quite a few extras to allow for some last minute mix-and-match army build testing. Feels good!


  1. Your painting speed and talent is awe inspiring and inspirational Joel. Just gob smacked everytime :)

  2. Cracking stuff! Whilst I feel no affinity for the misguided sons of Magnus I have to say these look stunning (and much better than their blue 40k scheme)

  3. Nice man! .. the Flyer looks good and loving the group. Looking forward to seeing them all in person!

  4. I love your army. Sorry to hear you are suffering a bit of TSon burn out. Hopefully the ruberic hasn't got to you!

  5. It looks very well together chief, you should be proud. Even if they are 10,000 years too early ;)
    Well deserved break for you now.

  6. Paint something else for a bit.

    Garden furniture, perhaps ?

  7. You should take break for a bit. I'll send you a few of my boxed sets to relax with :P

  8. Jobs a good 'un! You could take a break or you could have your painting servitor's memory wiped and sent back to work. He'll never know...

  9. @Greg Hess: Thanks very much, man! Plugging right along... :)

    @Nick Thrower: I appreciate it! I always liked the crimson more than the blue as well!

    @Todd Sherman: Cheers bud!

    @Col. Hertford: Hah! After painting up almost 5000 points non-stop it's definitely grinding me down to dust...

    @Rory Priest: Thanks man! I am thankful for all the 40k KSons bits that came out while I was working on the army, tons of cool bits in the 'modern' range!

    @Zzzzzz: Haha! I think that's a great idea!

    @Zab: Hah! There is just a neverending cavalcade of plastic and resin isn't there?

    @John Stiening: Just about! Averaged around a thousand points a month which doesn't seem like too much in retrospect, but it was a LOT of infantry this time around!

    @Monkeychuka: Haha! New wetware and bioplastic chips are being encoded for the next project as we speak!

    Thanks very much for all the kind words, everyone!

  10. Wow what an achievement! The whole lot looks really great. The storm eagle is a worthy centrepiece for the army :)

  11. A great looking force. Awesome to see it all together in the group shot!

  12. Cripes mate, thats an impressive looking force! Shame you'll sell it shortly like usual....