Monday, July 5, 2010

State of the Army - a difficult reassessment...

I've been agonizing over what I was going to do with the Mordian 7th, as far as bases and (recently) paint schemes go. The army has been collected and painted over the course of 5 years or so, and when I'd first picked up the brushes I decided on a grey and red scheme and urban-themed bases as that scheme would tie in with my Ad-Mech army and I could use the infantry as Tech Guard as well. Technically speaking however, that's not the right color scheme, and has been one of several things that have nagged at me about the core infantry of the army for years.

According to an old 40K Compendium entry about the Mordian 7th, "One of the popular motifs is to line the official black flak jacket with crimson (taken from the red linings the gang wore inside their leathers on the Hive World). This is said to show that 'in the darkness, blood will flow' - it is also taken to mean that even in the most difficult of situations one should take heart and act with valor."

The Hellhound was painted up in a black and red scheme, and honestly I like the way it looks much more than the grey and red I've been doing. At that point I had to decide if I was going to continue on with the army as it was, or whether I wanted to scrap the bulk of the infantry and start anew. I've opted for the latter.

The army is going from this:

To this:

Why am I doing this? First and foremost, I enjoy building and painting models more than actually having finished models. Sure it's fun to play a game with a painted army, but at that point it also takes up a lot of permanent storage space. Starting anew means that I can implement all the little ideas that have come up over the years but were too late to do, as well as freeing up some much-needed space in the Closet of Doom. I opted to trim the army down significantly as well, opting to cede the King Russ tanks and much of the remaining heavy support to the Ad-Mech army, as the Mordian 7th is intended to be a predominantly infantry-centric army. The only vehicles assigned to the army at the time of the Pacification of Flotis III were a pair of Sentinels and two Rhinos attended to by a small detachment of Tech Priests.As the Guard aren't allowed Rhinos I'll be doing a couple more of the alternate-style Chimeras instead, and as the assault troops aren't allowed Jump Packs, they'll instead be equipped with Grav Chutes and carried into battle by an Imperial Navy detachment of Vultures and Vendettas. I'm quite looking forward to approaching the army in a bit more of a "historically accurate" sense, and actually has me quite enthused to get started!

Now a bit of blatant self publicity:

I decided I'll sell off the core of the infantry company as well as several other models to help fund the re-build - We'll see how that goes I suppose. Unfortunately ny base policy is not to ship overseas due to several bad experiences, but if you are interested in the models and live outside the US or Canada feel free to contact me through the eBay message system. I'm tentatively open to the idea of overseas bidders provided they have a solid bid history.


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