Monday, October 3, 2011

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Jetbikes and Scouts painted

Managed to finish up the basic paint jobs on the Jetbikes and Scouts over the weekend and snapped a couple pictures to share!

Here's the whole unit - I scrounged through my bits box for a number of different lengths of flying stand so the unit has a bit of a sense of motion to it. The flying stands have all been trimmed, drilled and pinned to the models for stability.

The models were originally built prior to the newest version of the codex for the Tempus Fugitives events - in previous incarnations, the Thousand Sons were allowed to buy sorcerer sergeants for various squads though some of those options have been removed in the more recent version. Originally he was to be armed with a force weapon (hence the khopesh style sword) but at this point he's only allowed a power weapon. That being the case, this one (and the one on the Terminator sergeant) have been painted in the blue power weapon colors that I use as opposed to the green force weapon color. This allows me to quickly identify what the model is armed with on the table even if the actual weapons are the same style.

Can't go wrong with a pair of melta guns in your jet bike squadron, now can you? The squad serves a dual purpose - one, to deliver the melta guns into position to melt down some tanks, and two to act as a locator beacon for deep striking or teleporting models (of which the Thousand Sons have a lot)!

Two vanilla marines to round out the squad. It was only after taking the pictures that I noticed that I have a little splotch of gold on the front of one of the bikes. Curses! Gotta fix that.

Finally, the five man Recon Marine (aka Scout) squad. Fairly straightforward head swap and the addition of the old-style missile launcher and they're good to go.


  1. Nice work again, those jet bikes are the icing on the cake. Was racking my brain as to how TS scouts would look and i think your've got them spot on.

  2. Love the Jet bikes, the models remind me of the big nosed 'blue meanies' from the Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' cartoon film for some reason?! Like the scouts, simple head swop does the business i reckon.

  3. Man those jetbikes are so sweet!

    The scouts are a nice touch, totally blend in with the rest of the army theme.

    Great work again!

  4. Thanks very much, folks!

    @Blitzspear - It's amazing how far a simple headswap will go to change the look of a model.

    @Siph_Horridus - Hah! I can't un-see it now!

    @LuckyNo.5 - It helps that I'm doing an early-heresy themed army where just a dash of chaos added to the loyalist bits gives the right impression.

  5. Still so, so very jealous of those jetbikes. I would have loved to have gotten my hands on some of them before they were discontinued. Ah well, I suppose I'll just have to make my own again! They look great with your 1000sons.

  6. How happy are you with the Horus Heresy: Betrayal rules that let you play pre-Heresy Thousand Sons AND have jetbikes?
    Talk about lucking out with a labour of love.