Sunday, April 20, 2014

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Predators and Scorpius painting continues

Managed to sneak in a couple more hobby hours and put some further work into the rhino variants - so far so good! Still more detail work to go, then it'll be time to figure out the weathering.

Sticking with the relatively limited palette that was used on the spireguard with bone, blue and gold. So many rivets, makes me shudder to think how many are going to be on the new Falchion !

While I was about it, I'd knocked together a quick sorcerer to act as an HQ choice in the short term while I scheme on how to do up some convincing character models (or wait for FW to do some). Started blocking in the basic red on him before having to call it a night. So far so good!


  1. You are such a machine - I envy your ability to turn this stuff out so quickly and to a good standard.

    The FW Deimos Rhino chassis is very cool - I have loved everything they have put out based of it so far.

    That Librarian model is such a nice piece of kit - and the Halberd extension is very cool.

  2. Love how those symbols on the front came out. Freehand, right?

  3. Looking fantastic. Those icy blue highlights look great against the bone white and blood red.

  4. Wow, yet more loveliness, as Frothing Muppet said - how the hell do you produce such lovely minis in such quantity?! As ever, outstanding and inspiring stuff.

  5. Great color on those tanks. There's a real richness to the red.

    I swear man, you are like a machine. How many armies do you paint a year? :P

  6. Wow. Halberd, wow. That's a cracking coversion, good enough to easily be the centerpiece of an army, very nicely done. As has been said by FM above, the standard and pace is continually dazzling!

  7. @Zab: Thanks! Sometimes a simple weapon swap can make a huge difference!

    @Frothing Muppet: I appreciate it! Definitely digging the Deimos Rhino variants as well, they actually go together surprisingly easy as well!

    @Aventine: Aye - They're not super accurate, but good enough for arm's length. :)

    @Pawn Cocktail: Thanks man!

    @Kieran B: I appreciate the kind words! Mostly the speed is down to pre-planning and a limited palette - I also work from 'messiest' to 'cleanest' meaning I'm rather sloppy (but pretty quick) with the base coats that count for most of the models, then clean up the slop with subsequent colors, so it all comes out looking crisp. In other words, I cheat! :)

    @The Eye of Error: Cheers bud! I'll usually complete 2-3 armies a year, with a couple smaller projects tucked in here and there. On deck for this year are the Thousand Sons and the Ad-Mech, with the possibility of some Adeptus Custodes/Sisters of Silence once HH Book 4 drops later this year...

    @Colonel Scipio: Thanks mate! For being just a quick stand in it's worked out pretty well!

  8. Amazing speed and quality. I've no idea what 30K thousand island sons are supposed to look like - but in my mind, they now look like yours.

  9. Very nice trio of tanks. Your collection of painted Thousand Sons must be rather impressive now all arrayed together.

    Sorcerer is very impressive also. Like the older backpack that you've chosen for him!

  10. @Zzzzzz: Hah! The special sauce of the heresy. :)

    @Dai: Thanks! I'll snap a family photo soon!