Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mordian7th's Tips and Tricks, Part 0 - I volunteered for WHAT?

So with my local gaming group scattered to the four winds, I've really just been painting for the last several months. I'd stopped by my FLGS and had brought a few minis with me to show the guys at the shop, and the topic of hosting a modeling/painting class came up. ...And for better or worse I volunteered.

So to help prepare for the class (coming up the weekend after next), I figured I'd organize my thoughts here on the ol' blog first and give everyone some insight into my process. Here's the brief outline of what I plan to discuss - expect a few posts covering the following topics over the next week!

1) Tools
               Paint brushes
               Wet palatte
2) Color choices
               Basic color theory for non-artists
               Painting in Black and White
               Opacity considerations
3) Application techniques
               Primer Colors
               Color blocking
               Batch Painting
4) Fine details
               Waterslide transfers
5) Sealant and protection
               Brush on vs. Spray
               Gloss vs. Matte

Now I'll be the first to admit I'm no golden demon level painter, but I do like to think of what I do as a good 'gaming standard' where the mini looks good on the table. By no means will I ever assert that the way I do things is the "right way" and I'm sure that many of you talented folks will be horrified by some of my upcoming blasphemies. That said, I'm a firm believer that with some planning and a little effort anyone can paint like me - hopefully the upcoming tips and tricks may prove useful!


  1. I WISH gamers in my area could paint like you. Bare plastic sent me screaming from gaming :(

  2. Looking forward to these articles! I just started piecing together the templar brethern!

  3. Sounds like more than one session you have planned there, Joel. If you are going to do it over several 40 minute sessions, might I suggest one on weathering, i.e. sponge chipping and weathering powders.

  4. @Zab: I hear ya - we had a standing house rule here, painted models got Preferred Enemy against unpainted models. Works like a charm! :)

    @Greg Hess: I hope they'll be useful!

    @Stephen: Hah, I'm starting to think so now that I've been writing up all the articles. It's scheduled for a couple hours (with a lunch break), but I think there's a good chance this may be too much for a single session even then...

    @Jugger: Here's hoping! :)

  5. OMG! You say your painting standards is a "good gaming standard" then I must paint like a finger painting chimp. I wish I could paint like you do.