Thursday, February 4, 2016

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Test terminators built

Still in the bits-gathering phase for the upcoming Thousand Sons, but following some rummaging around in the Closet of Doom I came up with a few bits from the previous incarnation of them and hacked together a test terminator using the new Betrayal at Calth Cataphractii bits.

Pretty happy with how the resin head, torso and tabard work with the plastic bits, think the unit will look pretty slick! Last go around I'd done the terminators up with power weapons and combi-bolters to keep the points down and utilize the khopesh-style blades, but they just were completely ineffective on the tabletop. This time I'm going to be using power- and chain-fists, with lightning claws for the unit sergeants.

While I was about it I pulled out one of the several terminator captain models to make a Centurion - nothing too fancy, swapped out the chainfist for a lightning claw (mostly just to see if I could), and broke out the greenstuff to take a whack at some scarabs on the belt and shoulders, and fill in the palm where the chainfist had been cut away. Pretty crude work but okay for a first try I suppose. Going to let them dry overnight, then attempt to add some legs and the little dot for a head, hopefully that'll help them look a little better.

...Or possibly worse, in which case I still have two more of the terminator captain on sprues to try again!

In other news, I've pulled the trigger on tickets to the NOVA Open at the beginning of September, and will be taking part in the "Asymmetrical Warfare" and "Escalation Campaign" events, and have been penciling together the forces to see what I'll need to purchase and paint between now and then. It's still about seven months out, but with the challenges I've had getting the bits together, I might need that much time!


  1. Ohhh I always look forward to your posts but this has upped the hype. Good stuff. Planning ahead is a good plan my man.

    Are you saying you got three boxes of Betrayal then? Well played.

  2. You're doing better than me, it's all I can do to fill a gap with green stuff. :-/

  3. As ever inspirational work. Love the test Terminator. Have to ask where is the tabard from? Am looking for something similar for my Word Bearers

  4. @Rory Priest: Thanks man! Technically four boxes, "wasted" one on the Alpha Legion models I'd worked on but ultimately mothballed. ;)

    @Da Masta Cheef: Hah! That's just about the extent of my abilities too.

    @Dave Henderson: Thanks! The tabard came as part of the upgrade set that the torso is from, purchased from, under their Chaos section.

    Cheers, everyone!

  5. I wouldn't consider it wasted with your work ;)
    Well of that fourth box needs a home I can always help.
    Even for the game bits itself.

  6. They look fantastic.I will be watching to see how you paint these!!

  7. Yeah man, these are a great start on a very much anticipated project.