Saturday, May 20, 2017

NOVA Open Charitable Foundation Army - Thallax painting begins!

With the days slipping by toward NOVA, it is high time I got off my duff and start painting up the two Thallax cohorts intended for inclusion in the NOVA 2017 charitable auctions!

Nothing too fancy just yet, just laid in the underpinning metals and got the red armor plates on. We've been provided a painting guide for paint recipes but otherwise have been given fairly free rein on the details. A goodly chunk of the metallics will be getting some further verdigris bronze sections, and we'll get some greens and blues in there as well on various cables and coils!

As a bit of a nod to the Heresy Sons of Horus charity army also up for grabs, I thought it could be amusing to have one of the Thallaxi be holding up a trophy helmet. Rather liked how the sea green turned out, which is dangerous.

...I think it may be a foregone conclusion that I'll have to do a Sons of Horus army of my own once I get done with the Thousand Sons. I have always wanted to build and paint Horus, Abbadon and Loken after all!


  1. Nice! Wait, since i'm not helping out with these armies can i buy tickets this year or am i dq'd because I still helped out with other nofc initiatives... anyway i am impressed you are working on a whole squad since the one and only mechanicum model i painted nearly broke me. So many fiddly details o_O

  2. Looking awesome! I especially love the SoH helmet!

  3. Always liked how you do red, armour plates look ace there.

  4. Yer, you need to get off your duff because let's be honest you have been slacking recently! ;0)

  5. Hummm....

    SoH, sounds interesting!

    Love the start on the Robots

  6. @Zab: I would think so, man! At the event last year I want to say that we couldn't bid on any of the armies we worked on, but I'd assume Dave Taylor would have the official word for this year...

    @Marc Raley: Thanks man! Going to have to pay a bunch of SoH soon, darn it!

    @Rory Priest: I appreciate it! It's a rather simple recipe - Dark Flesh, Red Gore, Blood Red and some Carroburg Crimson in the recesses. Easy peasy!

    @Riot: Haha! Thanks man!

    @Col. Hertford: Cheers man! I think they'll be fun, if my wallet lets me...

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone!