Friday, August 4, 2017

NOVA Open 2017 Charity Army Raffles - Don't Miss Out!

Less than a month to go before the glory that is the NOVA Open 2017! Having only attended for the first time last year, I have to say that it was hands down the best miniature event that I've gone to and I can't wait to throw down with all the excellent folks out there again this year! Once again the fine folks at NOVA are hosting a number of miniature auctions to benefit several worthy causes and time is ticking down to get in on them!

I was honored to be asked to participate in the charity auction army painting again, and my contribution this time around was a pair of Thallax units for the Heresy Mechanicum force. A small in number but high in damage output force, it is definitely a fearsome army!

The other side of the Heresy force on offer is a brilliant Sons of Horus Orbital Assault force, led by the big man himself. Another terrifying army that's designed to get up in their opponents faces and hammer them into pulp!

These are just two of a whole slew of armies and models up for auction, including not only Heresy and 40k stuff, but also Blood Bowl, Flames of War, X-Wing, Guild Ball and more! Tickets range in cost from 2-5 bucks and winners not only don't need to be present to win, but don't even need to be remotely nearby - The winners will have their prizes mailed to them anywhere in the world, and in fact over the past few years there have been prizes sent out to all points of the globe!

I highly recommend checking out the various auctions and pitching in a few bucks on anything that catches your fancy! Check 'em out here!

If you're heading to NOVA this year I'd love to meet you in person and say hello - I'll likely be found down in the Heresy Narrative Events area watching my beloved Thousand Sons be blasted off the tables, but having a great time as always! Stop by and say hi!


  1. Hope to see you there! I'll be in the 40k area myself

  2. @Evan S: Nice - I'll keep an eye out for ya!