Thursday, November 21, 2013

Adeptus Mechanicus - Cydonian Sister painted

After the issues with the Proteus I wanted to switch gears and work on something else for a bit - I find that if I get bogged down, frustrated or bored with a particular project having something else to work on for a while really helps keep me in the hobby mood. In this case, it was time to work on a neat little model I picked up from Blight Wheel Miniatures as part of their halloween promotion.

I'll be using this as a stand-in for a Cydonian Sister (ad-mech assassin), based on the Tempus Fugitives Cult Mechanicus list. I'm really hoping that we'll see FW rules for them in some future publication as well...

It's definitely an interesting model, but it is fiddly as heck - had to pin the arms and head and let me tell ya that was a peril-fraught procedure! Of course, since I've taken this picture I've managed to fumble it and snap one of the arms off anyway. Luckily it was reasonably easy to repair!

A little change of pace like this really was a breath of fresh air - Now I feel ready to work on some more Iron Hands again!


  1. I hear ya. Some of my projects can go on for months! It's nice to have a few minis sitting on the side just primed and ready to go when i want to keep painting and just have a bit of low stress fun or try new techniques.

  2. That is a perfect model for the AdMech assassin. Looks great!

  3. Cracking sculpt and a nice and different scheme.

    Shame it's so fiddly though - my recent Sodapop minis LE Candy and Cola and White Speaker from Kingdom Death were an absolute mare to cut from their plugs/sprue let alone put together.

    Love those slim and beautiful sculpts, starting to hate having to assemble them.

  4. Awesome looking model and paint job! The red looks wonderful and fits really nicely with the green and gold.

    I am glad you took some time away from your Iron hands to work on her; always good to take breaks now and again. I have now taken to having multiple projects started at once, all at different stages of completion. So no matter how much or how little time I have to spend at the hobby I can do something worthwhile.

  5. @Zab: Totally - having a couple backup projects is key to keep that hobby mojo flowin'!

    @Evan S: Thanks man!

    @Jugger: Hah! Indeed!

    @Dai: I hear ya, man. Look great when they're assembled, but an absolute pain to get 'em assembled!

    @Harlon Nayl: Cheers, mate! Always good to get a breath of fresh air as it were and spend some time working on new things!

    Thanks, everyone!

  6. Oooh. She looks like the admechassassin from the heresy art book I have. If you were going for a match; you nailed it.

    Smart job !

  7. Really nice looking mini! I feel your pain on the fiddly assembly. I recently put together some minis from Ax Faction and Kingdom Death (both awesome resin mini sellers) and they fiddly bits combined with my long running feud with superglue was almost the end of me.... oh how I hate super glue...

  8. Excellent work, but wouldn't expect anything less. And more Ad Mech is always to be applauded!

  9. @Zzzzzz: Indeed! Just what I was going for!

    @The Inner Geek: Totally man - can't tell you how many times I've glued my fingers to the model, to each other, or to my desk. Hah!

    @Headologist: Thanks! Always love working on the cog-botherers!

  10. @The Eye of Error: Haha! Thanks, man!

  11. Super cool. Got this one my self, and now I really can't wait to paint it up. This is the first one I've seen painted, really is a sweet mini. Good job, completely in tune whith the rest of your admech.

  12. @Manus: Thanks, mate! Definitely looking forward to seeing how you paint yours!