Monday, November 11, 2013

Heresy Era Iron Hands - Sicaran battle tanks painted

Two big ol' chunks of resin rumbled off the assembly line, my new favorite FW kit of all time, the Sicaran Battle Tank!

I just love the design of these guys - they're explained as being the intermediate between the Predator and the Land Raider and I think the sculptors really did a good job tying the two looks together. It's got the trapezoidal track housings akin to the Land Raider, and the rounded turret is a nice call to the Deimos predators.

The Iron Hands have a tank commander character that provides the tank with BS:5 and Tank Hunters which is a pretty nasty combo. Along with the trio of heavy bolters, this tank will pump out 15 shots a turn, hitting on 2's and rerolling armour penetration. Say goodbye to light vehicles, and even Land Raiders could be threatened by it (though proper target selection priority suggests that the Sicaran should concentrate on lighter targets).

Of course, if one is good, two is better, right? I plan on running a pair of them where possible, with the fact that most legions will be throwing 40+ infantry, these tanks will also be invaluable to whittle down the enemy footsloggers. Really looking forward to getting them on the table, hoping to get in a couple test games soon!


  1. Top marks. Love the weathering of the treads and lower armour.

  2. Lovely pair you have there.

    I do like the Sicaran design, if it weren't for the new Vindi i'd be tempted to get them for my DG force.

  3. These look really good. It was a good choice to do the weapon casings in white. It breaks up black really well. Now we need to see these guys on the gaming table.

  4. Weathering on the armour skirts is sublime mate.

    Some really lovely looking tanks, well done!

  5. After your size comparison I just ordered one. And a spartan...


  6. @Zab: Thanks! Still getting my eye on on the whole weathering thing, but it's coming together!

    @Rictus: Cheers bud! Love the new vindicator as well, very tempted to get one m'self!

    @John Steining: Thanks man! Can't wait to throw down with 'em!

    @Dai: I appreciate it!

    @TheAmbit: Nice! I'm saving up for a Spartan as well, such a cool tank!

    Cheers, everyone!

  7. Looking good.

    If one might suggest, the barrels of the main guns could do with some heat coloration, some blue and browns perhaps.

  8. @Agis: Thanks man! Good call on the heat staining, the barrels are a little boring as-is. Great idea!

  9. Nicely done. Those tanks really look ready to blast the crap outta someone!

  10. Great work as always. Lovin' the tracks and the white on the armor really makes them pop!

  11. @The Inner Geek: Indeed! Really looking forward to throwing down with 'em!

    @Jugger: Thanks man!