Sunday, July 13, 2014

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Terminator Squad Phosis painted

Pressed on with the Terminators this weekend and managed to get them finished off!

Looks like it makes the most sense to run the weapons as power axes, it'll make them unwieldy but the 18 (27 on the charge) S5 AP2 attacks is nice. Not bad at 305 points for the 9 of 'em, too! I am thinking that I'll add a few grass tufts to the bases, they need just a liiiiitle extra something I think...

Went spelunking in the Closet of Doom for something from the mists of history. The plan for the Prosperine Spireguard side of the army is to include a number of heavy tanks, such as a trio of King Russ pattern Vanquishers. Time to break out the Dremel!


  1. Curses! You are so damned productive!

  2. Holy crap, that closet of doom is amazing! Those tanks look sick from just the tiny bit I can see.

    The termies are just awesome man. The color contrasts, the gold highlights, all looks perfect for heresy era Thousand Sons.

    Love it.

  3. Oh you suck! I wanted one of those tanks so badly, but didn't 1st see them till after they went out of production!

  4. @Zab: Hah! It's really just a little bit each day, then pictures every three-or four days that makes it look like I'm getting a lot done at once. Very much the 'slow and steady' pace behind the scenes!

    @The Eye of Error: Thanks man! The CoD has been churning and bubbling for the better part of twenty years, there's so much miscellaneous gaming stuff in there I don't even know how to catalog it!

    @Da Masta Cheef: I had a feeling they'd be squashed by GW back when I first ran across 'em and ended up using a tax return to buy ten. The kit itself is actually a huge pain in the butt - doesn't fit together particularly well and requires a HUGE amount of cutting and sanding away resin molding blocks. Gotta dig out the respirator!

  5. ugh, ya gotta love garage casting companies...