Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TOEMP #4 Complete!

I managed to finish up the Valkyrie for the Tale of Even More Painters challenge #4 -Since most aerial assets used by the Imperial Guard are generally 'on loan' from the Imperial Navy, I decided to go with the sandstone color scheme I used on the Thunderbolt.

I went with a grey color scheme on the underside similar to the Thunderbolt as well. I plan to add some waterslide aquilas and various decorations, but I couldn't find the Micro-sol and I need to wait until I get more before I start that process.

I have an Apocalypse game coming up in a couple weeks, so I spent some time building several units that I need to make the points requirement, first up is another flyer - a Vulture gunship armed with twin punisher cannons. The model was just too cool to pass up!

Next up is a squad of Stormtroopers - made from a mix of Scouts (half 'vanilla' scouts and the other half are from the Land Speeder Storm kit), Catachan lasrifles and FW Cadian upgrade bits. I'm not 100% happy with the way the Hellguns turned out though, I'll likely sell these guys off once I get them painted and do a rebuild using the shotguns from the Scout sprues as a basis for the weapon, adding the scopes, cabling and lasgun muzzles. These turned out a bit more like Hellcarbines, I think.

Last up, and what will likely take the most work to finish in time for the game - the six remaining King Russ variant tanks. I decided to go with one squadron of 3 Vanquishers (led my a Knight Commander Pask proxy), and one other squadron including a 'vanilla' Leman Russ, a Punisher, and an Eradicator. I'm still figuring out how/whether I will add side sponsons to the tanks - they're designed to utilize the Predator sponsons, and I'm trying to figure out how to best use those in conjunction with the various weapon options included in the new Leman Russ Demolisher kit.

When all is said and done the addition of these models will bump the army up to just shy of 7,000 points. I think that should probably be enough Guard for most purposes!


  1. 7,000 points?! I believe an army shot is in order!

    Great work on the Valkyrie.

  2. Thanks - still a lot of work to do to get the whole army painted, but I did take a "almost everything" army shot here. Once I get done with the Apocalypse game I'll try to take a new shot of the whole regiment...

  3. Looking good sir, and very inventive way to do Stormtroopers. Did it turn out to be cheaper than just buying them in metal form, or did you go for it for more of an aesthetic angle?

  4. Thanks, they were fun to build! I did them this way mostly for aesthetics - While I like the Kasrkin models a lot, I do think they are all in rather static poses. Since the 7th isn't supposed to be a "Cadian" army (even though I'm using cadian parts) I figured something different for the Stormtoopers would be appropriate.

    Overall they were a bit more expensive to build than the Kasrkin (~$60 in parts), but I think they ended up looking much more dynamic. The respirator-clad heads also tie them together with my hardened veterans squad, so stylistically I think they match the army fairly well. I'm looking forward to finishing them, they'll likely be the next infantry models I paint!

  5. Outstanding. Love the Valk, the king russes are excellent. Can't wait to see them all mustered.

  6. Really excellent Valkyrie! One of these days, I'll get my hands on one those...

    And the Stormtroopers are nicely converted. Space Marine Scouts seem to work really well in terms of adding some character to IG Veterans and STs.

  7. Got to agree with the rest, great work on the Valk. I dont know if you've written it somewhere, but how much of this 7000pts do you have left to paint? Is it just the Leman Russ? If so then good work, you are very close!

  8. Wow fantastic progress 7th! I love the colours on that Valkyrie! Seriously one of the largest and most brilliant looking armies I have ever seen my friend!