Wednesday, September 30, 2009

TOEMP #5 - Complete! ...Also, Clowns!

It's been a rather productive week painting-wise, and I managed to polish off my entries for the Tale of Even More Painters challenge - On the troops side a unit of Pathfinders, and a Warwalker for the heavy support choice.

I wanted to incorporate some of the tips and tricks that I've picked up from the other participants in the challenge, and I tried out a couple on the Pathfinders. I felt that the bases for the Eldar definitely needed a bit more 'zest' than what I've been doing for most of the 7th, and as such I've added a bit of turf to the bases, and I think I'm going to experiment with some static grass, once I get a chance to swing by the FLGS. I also tried my hand at a more intricate camo pattern on the cloaks, taking a cue from several exellent examples. I'm not 100% pleased with the final result, but it turned out okay for a first try - I know a little bit more than I did before!

The Warwalker's mottled camo turned out somewhat muted following the sealant, but I kind of like it. I realize now that I missed a number of gemstones on the weapons, so I've gone back and rectified that situation. Definitely a fun model to assemble - I'm looking forward to building two more to round out the squadron.

I'd picked up a unit of Harlequins back when the new set was released, and had painted up three for use in a 40K:RP campaign I ran a while back. Since I had enjoyed painting the other Eldar models so much, I dusted off the remainder of the squad and set to painting them. Three painting sessions and 36 colors later I basically had to say enough was enough!

I have to admit for as arduous a process as these were, it was rather enjoyable nonetheless. I found myself actively trying to find the most clashing colors I could, and worked to ensure no model had exactly the same mix of colors. The three 'Characters' all have more distinct schemes; The Death Jester is of course primarily bone and black but I added some green and purple panels on his sleeves to give him a splash of color. The Troupe Master has a horribly clashing checkerboard pattern on his jacket, and is the only model to have all of the various colors on him. On the Shadowseer I decided to go a bit different from the 'feel' of the other models - the bodysuit is a solid deep blue with small star patterns (sort of), and I spent some time working on blending the hood and sashes in a red-orange-yellow scheme that turned out more or less as intended. I was trying to capture a more 'otherworldly' look to go along with his obscurement powers.

I picked up an Eldar battleforce on ebay which arrived today, which gives me a little bit more to build and paint. With that in mind, I made a painting chart for the budding army, which also helped me decide exactly what the final army was going to contain. Only this, and no further!

...Well, maybe a little bit further - I would like to pick up a FW Nightwing Fighter. Alas, that way lies madness!


  1. Every single one of those is looking absolutely gorgeous. The harlequins are a really really nice paint job. Wish I could manages something that nice.

  2. Awesome harlequins. Great looking army too. But, Harlequins - all those tiny squares of bright contrasting colours - what a nightmare to do but well done you.

  3. Outstanding, love the cloaks and the harlequins.

  4. Congrats on keeping up with the TOEMP schedule, your doing far better than I did!

    All the models look fantastic, and you've really shown off you skills with the clowns!

  5. Thanks folks! I appreciate the feedback - the Eldar (and the Harlequins in particular) have been a fun change of pace from the guard. The paint schemes are definitely a lot more bright and punchy, and I think they'll end up looking pretty cool on the tabletop.

  6. Wonderfully painted Harlequins. I have plans of eventually collecting an Eldar army as well, and by the tone of your post, it seems they're a blast to paint. Keep up the good work!

  7. Nice job Mordian! The Harlequins do look great, but I especially like the walker, between all those gems and the molted blue it looks really great! I hear you on needing to take a break from endless guard, I will be doing something a bit different for the next challenge too.