Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ruzzbot - Proxy Battlewagon, Part 1

I spent some time working on the Ruzzbot - Holy moly was it a whole lot of Yellow! I started off by giving the whole model a fairly heavy dry-brush of Boltgun Metal and overlaid that with Blazing Orange and Fiery Orange on the parts that I intended to end up yellow. Once I had the oranges laid down, I went back over them with Golden Yellow, and did some extreme edges with Sunburst Yellow. I find that GW yellows are too translucent to cover properly directly over a black primer, but an orange undercoat has fair coverage and 'shines' through giving the yellow a nice rich glow.

Once I had that done I went back over the model and tided up the parts that I want to be exposed metal with Black and Boltgun Metal once again.

After that I started blocking in the various black flames and checkerboard patterns, though they still need highlighting. Plenty of detail work remains to be done as well, but it feels good to have the majority of it complete!

In game, the Ruzzbot is a counts-as Battlewagon with the 'Ard Case and Kilcannon upgrades, as well as a Reinforced Ram and 4 Big Shootas. The big claw is represented in game by both the Grabbin' Klaw and Wrecking Ball upgrades. I also wanted to include a dedicated-transport Battlewagon but opted to keep the points cost relatively low - 4 Big Shootas and a Deffrolla. It's intended for the Bad Moon Nobz so it will also need to get the yellow treatment!


  1. The yellow looks very rich and the black flames look good. Look forward to seeing it and the wagon complete.

  2. I find yellow a difficult colour to paint and you have done a great job. I love the kitbash, wondefully Orky.

  3. Thanks folks! I've experimented with a number of ways to paint yellow and this is my favorite method thus far.

    @John - One of my favorite things about Orks is the potential for absurd conversions. I find myself cackling madly like a proper Mekboy when I'm cobbling together these mechanized monstrosities!