Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated...

Well it's been a seriously hectic past three weeks and I had very little hobby time unfortunately - Real Life(tm) had me very, very busy. Couple that with the fact that I managed to misplace my camera for the better part of a week and I was unable to take any pictures of the little bit of modeling and painting I did manage to complete. However, the camera was found, and I was finally able to snap a few pictures!

As I'd mentioned I was suffering from "Guard Guilt" as I haven't done much work on them recently. I took a bit of time and assembled the Thudd Gun I'd picked up a while back and got the initial base colors on the model. Can I just say that I am sick to death of the red/grey paint scheme? I suppose that's bound to happen after painting 5000+ points in that scheme, but I have to say it's getting harder and harder to get excited about painting it.

During the downtime I got the most recent package from Forge World so I took a little time to build and paint up the Mekboss Buzzgob that I'm using for my Bad Moon Bigmek. I really enjoyed his oiler grots, especially the faux-Opus Machina one of them is carrying!

While I was at it I cranked out the AoBR warboss in Bad Moon colors to accompany the unit of Nobs. 10 PK-and-Big Choppa-wielding Nobs and a Warboss makes for a darn scary unit!

Also in the box of FW goodies was the belly gun and head for the Stompa. I'd never assembled a Stompa before and it was way more involved than I expected although it was a hoot to build. The FW additions to the kit? Not so much. The parts were warped rather badly and even after hours of hot water dips and bending they still didn't seem to fit very well. I ended up having to utilize a fair bit of plasticard and rivets to cover up a few unsightly gaps, but once it was primered you can't really tell the difference. I left the arms separate to facilitate painting, we'll see how that goes. It's going to be a lot of black and yellow once it's done!

Last but not least, one other package arrived - the Iron Brotherhood models I'd ordered way back in April for use as Hypaspists for my Adeptus Mechanicus army. Due to the Yyjafjallajokull eruptions, the order was delayed for the better part of a month. Disappointing, but hey, what can ya do? The models were cleanly cast and although they looked a little static initially, a bit of mix-and-match with the arms and weapons sorted that out. They were nice enough to throw in a set of extra models as an apology for the delay so I'll be building a unit of Sagittarii (heavy weapons teams) as well, though I'm still pondering how I want to build the weapons platforms.

Here's hoping this month will be more conducive to hobby work!


  1. That Thud Gunn is an impressive piece.

    Have no idea what a Hypaspist is, but interested to see how you paint them up. I imagine that will provide some relief from painting the ol' red/grey scheme.

  2. Thanks Kevin!

    The Hypaspists are the basic foot troops for the Adeptus Mechanicus, also known as 'Tech Guard'. Unfortunately I'm not going to get too much relief - instead of red and grey they're going to be red and white. :)

  3. Love the thudd gun. You've no idea how much I want one of thise - it was my single favourite piece of kit from 2nd edition!

    ...And I feel your pain at repetitive paint schemes. At least I've spread mine out over about seven years!

    - D.

  4. You have been busy.
    looking good.
    I also hate doing multiple figures the same colour. I tend to rotate around armies to stave off ennui.

  5. Thanks folks!

    @Admiral Drax - indeed! I used to have a number of the old Squat Thudd Guns, and loved the old 4-piece template that was held together with brads. The FW model is significantly larger than its elder counterpart, but honestly I like it even more than the original!

    @John Lambshead - I tend to suffer from Paint Scheme Malaise, hence the recent rash of Orks and the slow burn on the Ad Mech (though their scheme is similar enough to my guard that it's not much of a change of pace).