Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hobby Retrospective - Vostroyan Firstborn

Seeing as I've not had much time to put towards new modeling or painting, and rather than let my blog gather dust between current projects, I thought I'd at least try to do a once-a-week post looking back at some of the hobby work I've done prior to when I started this whole blog thing...

Today, the Vostroyan Firstborn:

I've dabbled in other guard regiments other than the Mordian 7th, and when GW first unveiled the Vostroyan line I picked up a mess of infantry, planning on having them serve double-duty as Skitarii for the Ad-Mech.

Obviously the urban basing technique on these were carried across into the 7th, I just love the idea of making little dioramas on the 60mm bases.

I only made a few minor conversions, the bog-standard melta-from-a-flamer, and the addition of a Bolter to the Company Commander. The sniper on the right is hands-down the best sculpt in the range in my opinion, I absolutely love that model.

I was rather pleased with how the units turned out, though by the end of the process I was pretty tired of red and brass - I'd assembly-line painted all 50 models in the two infantry platoons. Boring and agonizing to do, but it does ensure all the models are uniform.

Alas, these models have long ago been sold, and is one of my greatest moments of sellers remorse. In retrospect these are probably my favorite guard models. Don't get me wrong, the Cadians are fantastic for my current purposes, but the Vostroyans just have so much more interesting models.

God-Emperor save me if they ever did Valhallan/Vostroyan plastics. Save my bank account, at least - I'd be doomed. Doomed, I say!


  1. I have some WIP Plastic Vostroyans here, check em out, not nearly as nice as the originals, but def. cheaper =)

  2. Well, I've never warmed to those models at all, but what you did with them is excellent!

  3. Thanks folks!

    @JRV - I really like what you've done, they exude menace. Very cool conversions!

    @Drax - I was lukewarm about them to begin with as well, but once I started painting them, they really grew on me. Now that I don't own them anymore, it may be a bit of 'rose colored glasses'. :)

  4. I always liked these from the day of release, and have ummed and ahhed about picking some up, its really just the price that has put me off.

    Its rare to see a whole collection of them like the one you had, especially one thats fully painted. It looks great.

  5. Gorgeous work. I did much the same with my basing.

  6. Always a wonderful job. I remember those lads. Well done!


  7. Hi, I'm a big fan of vostroyans and I would love to know how was the base done. Mine is just looking too terrible.


  8. Hello,

    The bases are fairly simple - I used a mix of various model railroad train ballast (primarily 'very fine' and 'fine', with a little 'medium' mixed in for variety) which was glued on during the build process, then primered along with the rest of the model. Once the models were painted, I went in and gave the bases a basecoat of Vallejo Shadow Grey, then a drybrush of Stone Grey. The rims were painted in Dark Flesh.

    Hope that helps!