Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Kabal of the Crimson Woe, Part 3 - Venom and Trueborn

I decided that I wanted to include a small unit of Kabalite Trueborn to the army, and rather than building yet another Raider, I thought I'd take a crack at kitbashing a Venom for them. I was inspired by the recent Venom build challenge on BoLS/Spikybits and particularly impressed with the Venom Conversion guide on TooMuchMetal here. I dug out the appropriate bits and got stuck in:

So far it's just the basic structure, as it's going to be the transport for the more noble Kabalite Trueborn I'm planning on adding a fair bit of decorative bits - spikes and chains, banners, etc.

The whole thing went together surprisingly quickly and I'm thinking I might go ahead and make another one!

Of course, I need some Trueborn to go in the Venom, and a nasty little unit it would be - A Dracon with the ever-popular Blast Pistol/Agonizer combo and 4 Trueborn with Blasters. In order to differentiate them from the standard Kabalite Warriors, I went with the mirrored helmets from the Reavers. I think it gives them a rather distinct look.


  1. Venom looks good, as do the Trueborn. I do like the visored DE helmets. Great pose on that base with the Archon.

  2. That trueborn squad must have cost a fortune to put together .....

  3. Thanks folks!

    @SonsOfTaurus - I knew I wanted to do a foot unit with those helmets as soon as I saw the Reavers, but I wasn't sure if the big rear collars would work until I have it a try. Seemed to work out well!

    @Sorrowshard - Aye, the unit used bits from the several boxes of Warriors for the Blasters, a box of Wyches and a box of Reavers, but with some prior planning beforehand, they are all actually just spare bits left over from the rest of the army I've been putting together...