Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Kabal of the Crimson Woe - Reaver Jetbikes complete

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday! These last few months have been just hectic as all get-out so I haven't had much time to paint, but with a little holiday break I was able to finish off a few models...

Up today are the last of the small models for the Dark Eldar army I'm struggling to finish - a half dozen Reaver jetbikes. For ease of identification on the tabletop, the two bikes armed with Heat Lances were given a white stripe down the fuselage. I really like the new models, they really have a sense of speed and lethality. In point of fact, I stabbed myself good a few times on the little spiky bits while painting them, gotta have a little blood sacrifice to Khaine, I suppose!

Once they were done I turned my attention to a few Thousand Sons vehicles, pics to follow!

Have a great holiday and a happy New Year, everyone!


  1. The models look great and the bases are excellent. That little bit of effort goes a long way, well done.

  2. Thanks very much! I decided to go with the resin bases in lieu of the flight stands on all the skimmers in keeping with the theme throughout the army - rather happy how they turned out. More to come with the Raiders in short order!

  3. Nice.... You love Red!

    I'm actually going to be painting a Wyche cult soon with that abundance of sprues I got from you. I'll be doing a Red/Black/White scheme as well with blue exhausts.

    Those bases are pretty cool. Dragonforge right?

  4. Hah - Suffice it to say that between the Dark Eldar, the Thousand Sons, and the Ad-Mech I'm rapidly falling out of love with red!

    Really looking forward to seeing how your Wyches come along.

    Aye, the bases for both these and the Thousand Sons are the Lost Empires set from Dragonforge. Great bases to work with!