Saturday, February 4, 2012

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Land Raider Spartan Painted

Finished up the paint job on the Land Raider Spartan this week, gave it another light wash of Baal Red to darken it a little, and finished off the detailing and shading.

All in all I'm quite pleased with it, It really fits in well with the rest of the army, and gives the 20-man Legion Tactical squad a transport option besides the Gemini Drop Pods.

I'm working on coming up with some banners for the beast, based on what was previously provided to me by the incomparable LuckyNo.5!

With the trip to England fast approaching, I risked a delve into the Closet of Doom for some things to auction off. I'll be posting a few treasures tomorrow, including something special!


  1. Very nice work. Really like how it turned out!

  2. love the spartan!!!! it really adds a great character of the era.

    also, what is that pic of? where did you get it?? so many questions!!!

  3. Perfect!

    When are you heading to Blighty? And whereabouts are you headed once you're over here?

    If you go anywhere near the South West you're welcome to our little cottage for a cuppa!

  4. Thanks folks!

    @TheGunGrave - I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, especially being a primarily foamcoare and cardstock scratchbuild!

    @Oink - That is one of my few remaining King Russ tanks that I'd bought yoinks ago from a seller in Russia. As far as I understand it, the molds for it were damaged/destroyed and they're no longer being cast. I've sent a couple emails to the builder, but haven't ever heard back...

    @Admiral Drax - We're flying into Heathrow on Wednesday, February 29th, and will be spending Weds/Thurs in the London environs soaking up some history. Thursday night through Sunday night we're going to be up in the Nottingham/Mansfield area, then back down to London on Monday (flying out Tuesday morning). A shorter trip than I'd like of course, but it's hard to get more than a week off from work (not to mention international travel isn't exactly cheap)... I'd love to raise a pint with ya, but not sure how westerly from London we'll be getting. Hoping to take a run out to Stonehenge, but it may be tight schedule-wise, alas!

  5. Ach! That's a pity: I'm way further than that!

    Glad you're getting out of London though - always a pity when visitors judge the UK solely on the capital.

    Don't be too hasty to visit Stonehenge: it's amazing, and awe-inspiring to visit, but I'd say it's one of those things that's great to do 'if you're in the locality', as the queues are frustrating, it costs a pretty penny and these days you're roped off from the stones themselves too.

    Still, maybe it's too easy to forget just how amazing a sight Stonehenge is to someone from afar: we're kind of spoiled for things neolithic in the South West.

    Case in point - 3 miles WNW from Stonehenge is another one: 'Woodhenge' and in the whole area around the two of them are dozens of tumuli too.

    Check out the village of 'Avebury' on googlemap - it's built in the middle of a huge stone henge amd is lovely! (Not suggesting it as a visit - just for interest's sake.)

    Man - I'm stoked that you get to visit the UK - hope you have fun...

  6. Yeah that looks awesome dude, can't wait to see it in an updated army shot with the rest of the army.

    Keep up the great work!

  7. You've done a great job on that, and the wash has certainly seemed to bring it closer to the LR's colours to my eye. Nice to see a King Russ, as you say not many around these days, wish I'd caught one when they were being sold.

  8. I'm of the opinion that stonehenge is probably not worth the couple of hours drive specifically for it...

    I mean, if you want ot visit some nice places then Bath (just beyond stoneheange frome london way) is a much more interesting place... thanks to the roman influences! Otherwise even heading to Cambridge is a nice day out with some historic buildings and market.

    I live just a little north of london so when you've filled your itinerary let me know where you'll be for a (real) beer.

  9. Thanks folks!

    @Admiral Drax - This is the first of what will likely be an annual trip going forward. Next time around I'll definitely be doing a week and a half in order to travel a bit further afield. I'll hold you to a cuppa next year! :)

    @Redscorps - I appreciate it! Thinking once I get the army all done, I'm going to take a crack at weathering them up, based on the excellent work you've done. Probably go with a paler tan dust to set off against the crimson of their armor.

    @Sir Tainly - Indeed, I was a little concerned at the variance initially, but it settled down. I was lucky to have picked up a half dozen of them back in the day, the remaining two that I have are going to form the core of the next Ad-Mech army I have planed. Wish I could get my hands on more of them, it's a great kit.

    @Oink - I've been hearing that about Stonehenge of late. May be something we'll do next year when we have more time. Our schedule is fairly up in te air for Wednesday and Thursday, other than the standard tourist fare. I know we'll be in Nottingham all day Friday checking out Warhammer World and so forth, then Saturday and Sunday we'll be in Mansfield at Maelstrom Games attending the Age of the Emperor event. We'll be back down in the London environs Monday night.

  10. @CVinton - It was a pretty fun project. I'd picked up the base foamcore/cardstock hull from a seller on ebay named "dressd2killerik", and it appears that he puts up a Spartan every so often. I'm thinking about picking up another one m'self!