Monday, February 20, 2012

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Scarab Occult and Sorcerers

First up, I'd like to plug my friend's blog Ex Fide Vivo - he's recently posted pics of his completed Sanguinius and it turned out simply fantastic!

Not a whole lot of hobby time recently, Real Life(tm) has kept me pretty busy. However, I did get some more paint on the Scarab Occult and Sorcerers for the Thousand Sons. Not quiiiiiite done, but pretty darn close - there are a couple things I notices in the pictures that I need to go in and fix. Curses!

First up are the Scarab Occult, the honor guard squad that will accompany Ahriman. Armed with force weapons and a fearsome array of psychic powers, and wearing Artificer armor, they are a rather nasty unit on the tabletop. I'm not especially happy with the purple robes of the company champion and believe I'll be swapping it for a blue robe. I also realized I'd neglected to add the scarab on his breastplate that I intended to cover up the DA symbol. D'oh! Should be an easy fix though.

In addition, I'm including three Sorcerers to the army, with the intention of attaching them to various units for a little extra psychic support. In looking at the pics, I think I need to go in and add some white runic script to their cloaks similar to how I've done Ahriman and Magnus to tie them all together. I also need to clean up the eyes a bit, the one on the far right is definitely a little sloppy. Oops!

Speaking of Real Life(tm) endeavors, my band has recently gotten our first CD mastered and we're in the process of getting the first print run done. We've also got all the final tracks up for free download on our site here. May not be to everyone's taste, but hey - free music!

...And no, that's not a picture of us. Well, the guy in the middle is our drummer, but the pic was taken almost 25 years ago!


  1. The greens, blues, and purples make for great contrasting colors, nice work.

  2. Just checked out stealth hippo on youtube, quality music M7 just my cup of tea and looking forward to the UK tour. But have to ask where you find the time to make awesome models and be in a band?


  3. And gas giant studio looks ace :)

  4. Thanks folks!

    @Matthew Ochs - I appreciate it, definitely needed to find something to contrast with all that red!

    @Blitzspear - Hah! That would be living the dream! I'll be in the UK next week (London/Nottingham/Mansfield), sans band however. We'll be doing our CD release show on the 16th of March when I get back to the states, so there should be some new videos up shortly thereafter. Unfortunately time is in short supply - when there's a lot of band time, there's not as much miniature time and vice versa. However, both are fun so it's not like it's a problem!