Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Back in the line of fire

Greetings and salutations, everyone! The dust has finally settled from the trip across the pond, there were mountains of work to plow through upon my return and I finally have a chance to post.

First off, the trip was spectacular! We had a blast, and probably inadvertently offended everyone we met (though I was on my best behaviour). There are definitely things I'd do differently schedule-and-venue wise, but all in all it was tremendous fun. As I get them sorted out, I'll put up some pictures of the trip, and the excellent campaign weekend run by the Tempus Fugitives. Let's just say my record for the trip was 0-7 (laughing all the way). To illustrate, here's a shot in mid loss taken at Warhammer World against the hilarious and incredibly friendly Jono and his terrifying World Eaters.

Now that I'm back, I have done a bit of hobby time in over the last couple weeks, in particular I've been working up something BIG!

While I was over there, I picked up a Warhound with some custom sculpting work. Cleaned it up a bit, and added a bit of extra detail here and there and it was ready for primer. The titan will be part of my upcoming Ad-Mech army, with the option of using it with my guard, so I decided to go with the loyalist Legio Metallica. The red and gold scheme will tie in nicely with the Ad-Mech, and it'll be a nice contrast to the dark blue of the Mordian 7th.

Got most of the base colors blocked in, though there's still quite a bit left to go. I'm planning on adding several banners to it once it's complete using the BoLS templates, but I need to work out the right scale to print them out. So far, so good, however!


  1. Sweet! I like the symbol on top. I'd like to have a few of those laying around!

  2. Whooo! Play 'Enter Sandman'!

  3. Thanks folks!

    @The Inner Geek - email sent!

    @Chris - Indeed! One of the detailing things I'm planning is a scroll around one of the legs that says "Ride The Lightning" in faux latin. (Equitare Fulguri or somesuch nonsense) :)

  4. Wait, didn't you sell your Ad-Mech stuff?

  5. Glad you had fun in Blighty, mate!

    - D.

  6. @#2501 - Oh I did, but one of the side benefits of a really good Closet of Doom is that there's almost always enough leftover bits and bobs from the last go-around to form the core of another entire army! The next version will incorporate the Wargames Factory greatcoat miniatures as the basis for the Skitarii, and will be an Ordo Reductor themed force compared with the Ordo Cybernetica of the previous effort...

    @Admiral Drax - Absolutely! We're already planning our next trip over the pond for next May!