Saturday, December 1, 2012

Imperial Guard - Vendetta painted

Hope everyone on this side of the pond had a great Thanksgiving - The holiday was a whirlwind of food and travel for me, the few days of vacation were much appreciated however! Still slowly chipping away at the guard, so I thought I'd snap a few pics of the recently-completed Vendetta!

I did a few minor modifications to the build - reversing the wings and leaving out the rear tail section. I think it gives it a bit more of a predatory look!

I wanted to keep the paint scheme fairly simple - mostly black, with a few red panels here and there. I'm planning on using the crew models for another nefarious purpose at some point in the future, so the cockpits were just painted in.

The small bits of yellow spot color here and there pop nicely against the red and black, and help tie it in to the rest of the army.

I took a crack at doing a 'slate skies' color on the bottom, helps break up the outline a bit and give it something than just more black. Overall I'm pretty pleased with how it came out - time to take it out tank hunting!

Next up, the Charybdis Assault Launchers...


  1. I'm digging the reversed wings! Really makes it a much more aggressive model!

  2. Nice job. I like the way you painted in the windows. If you want a tinted look to the canopy next time try painting it black and then washing some thinned gold on followed by a very light yellow glaze. It comes out looking like a polarized lens.

  3. Thanks folks! It was a fun model to build and paint, I'm tempted to add another one to the army...

    @Zab - That sounds like an interesting technique and a cool effect! I'll have to give it a shot, thanks!

  4. Sometimes the simplest conversions are really the most effective! Looks so much better this way.

    Great work as always!

  5. Wow! That loks fantastic in your guard's colours. Bravo mate!

  6. I appreciate the kind words, folks!

    @The Eye of Error: Indeed, I was surprised how much reversing the wings changed the 'feel' of the aircraft. It's rather menacing now!

    @Dai: Thanks! I'll admit the predominantly black scheme makes 'em quick to paint! :)