Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Road to Adepticon - Army Pics and List v3

It's been crazy at work of late so not a whole lot of hobby time - a little bit of fooling around with army lists, but only one model actually got painted:

Eye of Error over at Eye of Error made a couple banners for me, so I scaled one down to use as the Regimental banner. Fairly simple bit of work, I clipped the plastic banner and pole off and inserted a bit of brass rod cut to fit, and used one of the banner toppers that comes with the command squad sprues to cap it off. I'm rather pleased with how the banner itself turned out as well - definitely more suited to the army than the rather cadian-esque one that comes with the plastic kit.

I've done a bit of messing about with the army list I'm intending to take to Adepticon and ended up with a compromise between building the most efficient group of killers I could, and my desire to include a number of units that fit the fluff of the Mordian 7th Regiment. The 7th are known for their heavy use of abhumans, and while I haven't found a really good fit for my Beastmen (in friendly games I use them as Penitents that always use the Knife Fighters option but lose their lasguns), I did want to include Thargadd's Thumpers (ogryns) and Dunno's Deadeyes (ratling snipers). I also drew out the shape for the carrying tray just to see if I could actually FIT all the models, which just barely worked. That's a whole lotta infantry!

As far as it goes, there's not a lot that still needs to be painted for this version of the list - A Vendetta, the proxy Hydra and the Aegis Defense Line, all of which have at least a little paint on 'em so far. Hopefully with the upcoming holiday weekend I can actually get 'em finished off!


  1. All looks bloody good.

    Regimental standard scale for that banner is awesome.

    Once very nicely put together force mate!

  2. Very nice! Im thinking about doing these big fluff entries on units in my either CSM/IG or my new Empire. Im tempted to do Empire as a fresh start and something different. But now im rambling... Jolly good work on the flag man.

  3. Everything looks awesome!
    Love the banner bearer.

  4. Forgot to mention...
    I'll be at Adepticon as well with my Carcharodons would love to meet up with you, maybe play a small game.

  5. Thanks very much, folks!

    @Dai - I'm loving the banner too, I heartily recommend Eye of Error's work if you're looking for banners!

    @Impcommander - Nice! I'm a huge fan of giving armies backstory and fluff, I'm planning to do a fluff series on the glorious 7th now that the lion's share of them are painted, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    @Kevin Suttell - Excellent! I'll be participating in the championship tourney on Thursday and the Warzone tourney on Friday (since I fully plan on getting knocked out). Hopefully we'll cross paths on the tables, and I'm definitely down for a friendly game if we don't!

  6. Lovely banners Mordian. Good luck at the tournament.

  7. Mate thanks for stopping on my blog and your kind words. I love that banner, it looks fantastic!

  8. I just saw this post now, looking good Joel! A nice cohesive force fluff wise, painting wise and effectiveness wise.

    I'm glad the banner came out well in the final figure :)

  9. Thanks folks!

    @Lead Legion: It's amazing how much of a difference a custom banner makes!

    @Buffer: Of course! I've really enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to seeing more!

    @The Eye of Error: I'm absolutely loving your banners. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback about them both online and in person. Thanks again!