Friday, March 29, 2013

Adeptus Mechanicus - Telepathica Emancipator Painted

Continuing on the path of clearing out the to-be-painted shelves, I'm often surprised how many half-completed projects I've gathered over the years. There's plenty to keep me occupied! I grabbed a few models off the Ad-Mech shelf, and I have to say it was nice to work on the Scions of Mars once again!

This go-around brought the Telepathica Emancipator to the painting desk. This is the Mechanicum's answer to the need for Psychic offense and defense, and consists of a Psi-Emancipator Carriage containing a shackled psyker, and a Telepathica Tech Priest who carries a Null Rod in case the shackled psyker's powers prove dangerous or recalcitrant.

Per the Tempus Fugitives Codex: Cult Mechanicus listing: "The Emancipator Carriage has a Psyker Mastery level of 1 and may generate powers from any of the following disciplines: Pyromancy; Telekinesis or Telepathy. Furthermore, the design of the Emancipator Carriage can tap the Psyker contained within for further power. Before the battle additional Mastery Levels can be gained. Each level gained in this way reduces the Emancipator’s Leadership value by 1. When using Psychic Powers, any Blessings that target the Psyker must instead be conferred to another friendly model within 12”." Though I have yet to field this model in an actual game, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how it works out!

I also got started blocking in the colors on the Sagittarii - the heavy weapons teams of the Ad-Mech. They are described numerous ways in the various editions of the Ad-Mech codexes I've seen, but I decided to go with a controller and spider-bot theme, as that matches the aesthetic of the Arch Magos and the Myrmidae Centurius I've built for the army thus far. Looking forward to getting these guys finished up - then it's either on to painting up a mess of Skitarii, or perhaps something totally different! There's units from half a dozen different armies to work on, which means I can change gears entirely and paint whatever happens to catch my interest at the time. That should help keep me churning out the models!


  1. As already stated the Emancipator, is one crazy model - I can never shake the vision of a pressure cooker set to well done :D
    Good work on the painting as always - where is the model you used as a priest from?

    Really love the Sagittarii, still havent decided myself to go for a mounted body or controller set up.

  2. @Manus: Hah! Exactly. I see the additional mastery levels/reduced leadership as being the result of the tech priest 'turning up the pressure' on the tank! I don't recall specifically where the priest model came from. I was thinking it was a Reaper Chronoscope model, but I'm not seeing it in their online catalog. I'd picked it up several years ago and I've completely forgotten where I got it, unfortunately. Sorry!

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with your Sagittarii, I've absolutely LOVED the Ad-Mech you've done thus far. Inspiring stuff!