Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Imperial Guard - Penitents Squad from Victoria Lamb painted

Managed to get a bit of brush time in over the last couple days, and I've started the process by casting my eye over the primered minis waiting patiently on the 'to-be-painted' shelves. I've felt as though I'd been neglecting the Guard a bit, so I dusted off a unit of Penitents that I'd ordered from Victoria Lamb nearly 6 months ago and got stuck in!

Absolutely lovely miniatures, they're a good mix of poses and the lasrifles really look neat. The selection of heads is great as well, there's some really well done sculpts. I especially like the bomb collars, and the one guy with the Hannibal Lecter mask. I went with hazard orange jumpsuits, and gave the sergeant the 'standard' dark blue fatigues that the rest of the Mordian 7th wears. Easy peasy!

Another nice touch on the rear torsos are number plates for identification of each penitent (numbers written in with a 0.05 micron pen), and a few of them bear evidence of a recent whipping, which is a nice touch. All in all I'm really rather pleased with how this unit turned out, and am looking forward to trying them out on the table.


  1. Lovely jubbly 7th. Love the fact you've gone for Penal System Orange!

  2. Have you played with them yet? I always thought adding a bright orange unit of cons to my guard would be visually pleasing and fun to paint but honestly figured they'd sit on a shelf.

    Now that I can run guard as 'cultists' though with much more ease, I may revisit that idea; I'm sure those with no hope will easily sway to the Dark Powers.

  3. Looko like a perect bunch of psychos. :)

  4. Thanks folks!

    @Lead Legion: The orange suits were a must, I figured they'd also stand out nicely against the blue/red of the rest of the 7th.

    @TheAmbit: I haven't run this particular unit on the table yet, but I do utilize the Penitents rules for my beastmen and they have served me well. They all die to a man, but hey, that's what they're there for! :)

    @Dai: Indeed! I'm really pleased with the sculpts from VL Miniatures, they've got a ton of personality!

  5. Really, really nice! I've got some of these models as well, I tried painting on the numbers myself and they came out okay, but I think the pen might be better. What brand did you use?

  6. Indeed! Yours were the inspiration for me to get mine done. :)

    I use the "Pigma Micron" pens from Sakura, here's the website:

    Generally I go with the 005 (0.20 mm) and 01 (0.25 mm), they're great for blacklining, writing script and (my personal favorite use) pupils on eyes. They also do a number of different colors though I generally only use the black and brown ones.

    Sort of feels like cheating on my brushes, but for thin/tiny work like this I much prefer the control the pens give.


  7. Awesome unit mate, real tempted to make a purchase from Victoria now.

  8. Thanks! I was really pleased with their models, and am definitely planning on ordering from them again!

  9. Lovely stuff, Victoriaminis has a loot of good looking stuff. How was the quality?

    Won't the orange jump suits draw a lot of attention and fire on the battlefield.....ohhhh ;)

  10. @Zzzzzz: Hah! Thanks. :)

    @Manus: I was thoroughly impressed with the VL Minis. Great sculpts, went together like a dream, and painted up nicely. Will definitely order from them again. ...And yup, these guys are there to die like dogs. Anyone shooting at them aren't shooting at more useful units! :)

  11. Nice, they work perfectly for penal troops!