Saturday, February 1, 2014

Orks - Deff Korps uv Krieg Half-Trakks built

The ork army continues apace - while we're been suffering through some surprisingly heavy snowfall, I've spent the time building a pair of transports for the shoota boyz squads.

I wanted to keep the quasi Germanic feel with the Trukks, and picked up a couple resin kits from Forge World and ended up combining them, making what proved to be my least cost effective dollars-to-points-value models of all time! Quite pleased with how they look, though!

Of course, the two models would have ended up exactly the same if I followed the directions in their entirety, so I tried to deviate from the norm a bit on both of them with some varying decorative bits.

Some extra armor plates and a tow chain on the back breaks up the look a bit. I'll definitely need to paint various armor plates in different colors when the time comes as well.

Overall I quite like 'em! The halftracks tie in well with the Battlewagon, hopefully giving the whole force a cohesive (yet ramshackle) look! ...Now if it would only warm up enough to primer 'em!


  1. Those are gnarly!

    Stick some MG42 looking guns over the driver's cabs and they'll be even more 251-ish!

  2. Looking good! Adding some extra, different damage to each can help vary the look up as well.

  3. Definitely makes me want to buy some myself

  4. Maybe you should mount a plow on one of those halftracks instead, to help you clear the snow or at least as an homage to pacify mother nature o_O

  5. Wow those kits are insanely cool! I was thinking to myself "I have never seen them before!?" So I popped on to the FW site and realised which two kits you combined. OMG that makes for a very expensive conversion!! Still, really cool!

    I'm sending you some of our Ausy heat. I'm tired of 45 degree weather!

  6. @Dai: Indeed, that would be sweet!

    @Sonsoftaurus: Thanks! Aye, going to do a fair bit of varying painted-on battle damage, I'm a little leery of carving into the resin though.

    @Zzzzzz: Hah! Nice.

    @uniteallaction: The kits are definitely interesting, you can tell they're some of the oldest ones FW has done. Definitely a struggle to build.

    @Zab: Yeah, that's a good idea, something more drastically different on the front of one of them would help differentiate them.

    @Col. Ackland: Yeaaaah, it wasn't the soundest financial decision I've ever made. They look neat though! :) I'll definitely take some heat, it's been fridgid here for the last week, and more to come for the foreseeable future as well. Brr!

  7. Man so much resin! These are gnarly. I love them!

    So pointy and dangerous looking. Like I need tetanus shot just from reading this post.

  8. @The Eye of Error: I'll tell ya, they were extremely pointy and jabby while I was painting 'em that's for sure! Pics to follow soon!

  9. @Jugger: Indeed! I feel bad not painting 'em red. :)