Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Heavy support assembly

Haven't had a great deal of hobby time over the last week, Real Life(tm) has taken more than its fair share! Nevertheless, I've slowly been soldiering on behind the scenes on the Thousand Sons and figured I'd share some build pics.

First up is a whirlwind scorpius, I absolutely love the homage to the original missile launcher from good ol' RTB-01. In fact, I plan on including a heavy support squad armed with missile launchers to match!

I'm also pretty jazzed with the deimos predator executioner. Love my guard executioner and figure it's a no-brainer to have one crewed by marines!

I actually liked it enough that I'm going to have a pair of 'em! This one is built as a command tank for what I eventually plan to make a three strong squadron. The deimos kit was actually surprisingly easy to build, I have to say it was probably the most trouble-free design from FW that I've built in quite some time.

While I was about it, I also banged together a couple lascannons for the Spireguard, using some leftover bits from the Iron Hand sicarans, and the carriages from Curious Constructs which I think work a treat!

The majority of the army is still on hold while I await the bases - my indecision has meant that while I have all the bits to make the models, I have nothing to actually put them on so I've been in a holding pattern, argh. This coming week brings the release of the Imperial Knight kit, so expect to see some towering monstrosities here this weekend!


  1. Those tanks are seriously freakin' cool! Looking forward to seeing them painted man!

  2. I love HH tanks, but those lascannons are a really nice kitbash that fit the spire guard aesthetic perfectly!

  3. I do love the Deimos Executioner as well, if I hadn't gone for all Vindi's with my DG I would have to have one (or two).

    The lascannon support weapons came together very nicely. Carriages are spot on.

  4. @Jugger: I'm definitely looking forward to getting some paint on 'em as well!

    @Zab: Thanks man! Finally got all the bits for the Spireguard, so there should be a mess of 'em coming to the blog soon. :)

    @Rictus: I appreciate it! Love the vindicators as well, but figured some nice blue plasma coils will set off nice against the red and white/bone of the Ksons. Should be fun!

    Cheers guys!

  5. Plasma all the way! Always was my fav weapon in 40K. A tank with main cannons spewing plasma is just cool.

    The lascannon AT gun battery looks really cool - very fitting the Napoleonic style of your Guard.

  6. Yes, those are some sexy vehicles! I've been wanting to get that Hurricane for my SOH.

    I dig the driver on the predator. Love that helmet.

  7. @Dai: Thanks man - I'm right there with ya, I love my plasma guns! There's going to be a whole tactical support squad with 'em in the army. :)

    @The Eye of Error: Absolutely, would love to see one done up in the SoH green. It's murderous on the tabletop as well from what I gather. Ended up with nearly a hundred of those heads, brace yourself to be sick of them by the time I'm done. Hah!

  8. Very smart - especially like the lascannons.