Monday, June 1, 2015

Heresy Era Imperial Fists - Sicaran Venators built!

Well the weather has apparently turned here and it's now summertime in full force - hit 90F two days running, and the hobby loft has turned into an oven. That means it's time to swap the sleep schedule and start going to bed/getting up an hour or so earlier and getting some hobby time in during the cool of the mornings. As a reward for all the painting I've been doing, I figured I'd take some time and build the pair of Sicaran Venators that have been lurking in a box for months!

Due to the Ordnance nature of the main gun, the side sponsons are somewhat superfluous, so I opted to use the area for a little Imperial Fist iconography instead. ...That, and I do not enjoy assembling that style of sponson on the FW heresy range whatsoever (looks very cool, yet rather frustrating to build) and the thought of doing six of them for these two tanks made me itch. I think they end up looking a bit more sleek and menacing this way in the end anyway! Hopefully I can get them primed over the next few days, I'm already picturing what's going to be black and what's going to be yellow - should be fun to paint up!


  1. Looking good. I like the iconography idea you've gone with for the sponson mounts. As you say the Lascannons are Snapping most of the time, so why bother. I built the Lascannons onto mine but did magnetise them. May have to rip off your idea and make some 'sponson covers' for when they're not in use!

  2. Those look terrifying, amazing looking models though. Everything I hearabout the FW resin vehicles makes me worry though.

  3. Don't keep em in that hobby loft of yours, out of fear that they'll melt...

  4. Rory,

    The sicaran FW vehicles are amazing. They are basically solid chunks of resin. I think the suckers weigh about 2 lbs once assembled!

    Tanks look awesome! I love these tanks so much...actually look proper main battle tanks, unlike the wussy predators.

  5. For goodness sake, I can't keep up !

    Loving the two magos - I can see why you'd want to change the basic stance, but the decoration is lovely and it'd be a bit of a drag looking around for a suitable donor model for the body. There's gonna be one out there, though.

    I think most tanks look a bit less bonkers without sponsons. Although a Land Raider or predator would be both weird looking and pointless without them. The sciaran venators are a nice choice for anti armour.

  6. C'tan nightbringer. Have a look, could be made to work as an Ad Mech Magos (?).....

  7. Your HH Imperial Fist army is looking better and better with each post! With these fantastic tanks it looks like it'll be a real sledgehammer on the gaming table, too!

  8. @The GunGrave: Totally! I magnetized the top sponson (and the ones on the old KSons tanks) and it's definitely the way to go. Should be a snap to do the covers, it's literally just a 25mm base with some rivets.

    @Rory Priest: FW vehicles on the whole aren't too bad really. They require a bit more elbow grease, preparation and swearing but there's really only a couple kits that are actually unpleasant to build (the spartan and the storm eagle come immediately to mind).

    @Da Masta Cheef: Hah! I've pulled certain resin models down to the spare room on the main floor for just that reason in the past!

    @Greg Hess:Absolutely - the Sicarans in particular are actually a joy to build. They fly together!

    @Zzzzzz: Aye, I'm a big fan of the non-sponson look. Definitely prefer the Leman Russ sans sponsons!

    @Zzzzzz: Totally! I'd done up the C'Tan shard out of the big floaty cube o' doom as an aspect of the Omnissiah/Magos counts-as, and the nightbringer coupled with the new Magos kit could be awesome! Great idea, man!

    @Phil Morris: Totally!

    @#2501: Thanks very much, man!

    Cheers, everyone!