Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Heresy Era Imperial Fists - Sicaran Venators paint in progress

Sadly I am still bereft of my primaris cogitator, though it's scheduled to be done tomorrow so another quick hit post this week. Had so much fun building the Sicaran Venators that I jumped in on 'em and got them almost up to the penultimate sealant stage prior to adding waterslide transfers and weathering:

The overhead lighting blew out the blues, they're quite a bit darker and my ham-fisted attempts at lightning stand out a bit more than here in the pic. Still need to go through and clean up the edge highlighting and add in one more tone lighter for the extreme edges before the initial sealant pass, but so far so good!

In a bit of miniature-based hobby news it's looking as though I'm transitioning to being just a painter rather than a wargamer, as I've had no luck finding heresy gamers locally (or ANY 40k at all, to be honest). That said, expect to see a whole slew of painted minis going up on the auction block in short order - All the minis I have aren't likely to see any table time in the foreseeable future, and I have a few trips planned for later in the year so I really ought to bolster the fun-money fund... The heresy-era mechanicum, the knights, the 40k ad-mech, and much more will all be up for grabs in job lots and individual auctions over the next few weeks (gotta get things organized and take new pics for certain units). Expect a few deep dives into the Closet of Doom for some old-school items as well...

Planning on keeping the Imperial Fists until the whole army is done though, and use it to help fund the next project - I absolutely plan on continuing on with the hobby, no fear on that score!


  1. Those look scary as all hell. Feels like Dorn is over compensating for something. Maybe he just has daddy issues o_O

  2. Such mean looking tanks. I love the dominant black with the yellow picked out, they look great and really intimidating.

  3. nice midels, in bolter and chainsword in the community there is a thread to look for players.

  4. That is what tank hunters should look like. Focused and direct. Although personally I might go for some wear and tear around the tracks.
    Loving the line work in grey. It must have taken an age. Do you have any tips on it?

    Fingers crossed om getting the computer back.

  5. They look great, I really like the black with yellow look you've done.

    Where you based to not find any local gamers?

  6. Loving the black/yellow...totally stealing this (as I mentioned before, but now I'm getting closer to serious!)

  7. Stellar work as always my friend :) Sorry to hear of your lack of heresy gaming/40k group woes, but I do know there's a pretty decent Infinity meta out there ;) Joking! kinda...

    Anyway, love to see what you cook up man, they look great!

  8. Sad to hear more of your collections are going to new homes. But life is what it is. Have you considered moving to other games that are being played in your area?

    Tanks look the business mate.

  9. @Zab: Hah! No doubt. :)

    @Smithy2727: Thanks! They're definitely mean looking beasts!

    @Francesc: Thank you! I'll check it out!

    @Rory Priest: Cheers, man! I'll be adding some weathering to 'em soon, pics to come! For the linework I don't worry too much about the first color going down sloppily, then go back and clean them up with the panel color. Then I'm planning to go in and add the next tone up as an extreme edge highlight on the corners. At least that's the plan. :)

    @Rob: Thanks! There are a couple game shops around, but they're mostly warmahordes, dropzone commander and RPG players - great bunch of folks, and am hoping to set up a Rogue Trader rpg group with 'em to at least get a bit of a 40k fix!

    @Greg Hess: I'm definitely digging it as a way to set off against the sea of yellow infantry. Definitely looking forward to seeing your IF, man!

    @Miniature Tim: Hah! There are a couple Infinity players aparently, though I've not been by the shop when they've been playing it. My local store has dropped GW entirely - though they can special order for me when the need arises.

    @Dai: Cheers bud! It really is mostly the joy of building and painting for me and I just love the 30/40k aesthetic too much to give it up entirely of course. I'll likely dabble in some other systems, but as yet I haven't found one whose look makes me say "I really want to paint those!". GenCon's coming up, so we'll see what I can find while I'm out there!

  10. Makes me want to get my Sicaran out of the closet of doom and actually start it! In fact, I will! Cheers Mordian7th!