Saturday, July 4, 2015

40k Adeptus Mechanicus - Electro-Priests Painted

It's come to light that the new computer draws a lot more power than the old one, and coupled with the fact that both it and my in-window air conditioning unit are on the same circuit it's become apparent that they can't both be on at the same time without popping the breaker. So with the heat being opressive and the AC being requisite it's meant that my main distraction machine has been powered down and I've gotten a fair bit of painting done over the last couple days!

The Electro-Priests were the first unit up on the painting desk, and they came together surprisingly quickly. As I'd mentioned previously, I'm getting the models up to the "pre-waterslide-and-weathering" step so I can do all of the models in the army at once to ensure they all match up thematically. Got a couple sets of the new Ad-Mech sheets on the way, looking forward to seeing what all is on 'em!

I'm digging the rear of the models, the big power generators and Opus Machina mean they're also interesting to look at as a player when they're facing the enemy! Next up on deck are the Kataphron Breachers, already got the base metallics in place...


  1. One day ago: Hey so I bought some balh blah blah.
    One day later: One unit done, no big deal.

    They look great and that was fast. Are you excited much?

    You suck. In the best way possible, but still. You suck -_-

  2. +1 to zab lol! That lot would take me a month plus!
    Liking the muted reds of the robes, looks great alongside those blue power cables that seem to be becoming a trademark of yours!

  3. Incredibly quick painting, Mordian, & they look fantastic! Electro-priests were one of the weirder units from the old Codex Imperialis that I always wanted to see realised in miniature-form, & these look great, electoos & everything.

  4. @Zab: Hahaha! To be fair, the unit did take 6-7 hours spaced out over a couple days - Had Thursday and Friday off for the 4th. ;)

    @Phil Morris: Thanks very much, man! Aye, I do love me some blue power cables!

    @Pawn Cocktail: Cheers man! I'm right there with ya, always loved the Electro-Priests and other associated weirdness in the old 2nd ed codex pamphlet!

  5. Think I prefer the rear of these sculpts to the fronts.

    Does that sound strange? o_O