Monday, August 10, 2015

40k Adeptus Mechanicus - A whole mess of models finished. Finished-er?


Well my cunning plan to paint up a whole big Ad-Mech army has fallen apart - turns out I miscalculated and need to come up with some extra funds a bit earlier than I'd originally anticipated (surprise car costs related to the sudden duodecupling of my drive time). So over the past weekend in addition to building the Stormhammer, I also went in and cleaned up the various things on the Ad-mech models that I'd noticed in the last batch of pics, added some waterslide transfers and got the static grass on and re-sealed. Before I put 'em up on eBay however I figured I'd see if anyone has interest in 'em here - pics and prices below (generally retail plus a couple bucks for the build and painting time): EDIT: All sold!

Tech Priest Dominus - $38

 Skitarii Rangers - $45

 Kataphron Breachers - $120

 Fulgurite Electropriests - $85

 Kastelan Robots - $70

 Sicaran Ruststalkers - $48

 Sydonian Dragoons - $100

 Onager Dunecrawler - $68

If you're interested in one or more of these units, drop me an email at moonlight at cold-moon dot com, and we'll sort out total costs and shipping on a first-come-first served basis. I figure on putting whatever isn't spoken for onto eBay this coming weekend. As usual once it goes up on eBay they'll be U.S. only, but I'm open to overseas buyers from blog members with the understanding that shipping overseas gets pretty expensive (it hits $30-$60+ dismayingly quickly). EDIT: All sold!

Still plan on building and painting the remaining models on deck, but they're going to have to wait a little longer than I'd originally planned.


  1. Someone's going to pick up a proper deal with these... theres an impressive allied detachment there allready...just a pity things didn't work out as planned. Hope things stabilise out for you!

  2. That's is a great batch mate. Haven't really been much online during the summer, so haven't seen much of this before - what a great surprise. Really will be a bargain for some lucky gamer.
    I might be interested in some of the spare parts/left overs from the Dragoons and the dunecrawler - If you have any left, you want to part with them and shipping doesn't go over the top - that is.

  3. So I'm not the only one to recently suffer a visit from the check engine light, my sympathies...

    Awesome looking minis and I too rarely ship overseas due to the costs. I'll have to let em' pass though as I'm saving my monies for the upcoming plastic 30k release.

  4. Good luck with these - sad to see them go, but they at least look great on their way out mate.

  5. Not having the best luck there are you matey? Sorry to hear it but I hope they find a good home. As much as I love them, shipping to Ireland and general costs are insane.

  6. @Phil Morris: Cheers, bud. It turns out new tires are surprisingly expensive on the new car. Argh!

    @Manus: I'm sure something can be arranged! Drop me an email and we'll discuss what's still on the sprues.

    @Da Masta Cheef: Indeed! Been holding fire on the Alpha Legion portion of the upcoming project until the plastics hit and I can check 'em out in person, too.

    @Dai: Hah! You know me man, I'm pretty mercenary with my projects. ;)

    @Zzzzzz: That's more or less what I said after a blowout on the highway at 65. There were some other choice words as well. Hah!

    @Rory Priest: Thanks man! Indeed - it's either send it blindly into the unknown for 3+ weeks and just hope it doesn't get damaged or lost (with no recourse or recompense from the shipper), or pay through the nose. Lame.

    Cheers, everyone!

  7. Damn... Timing on me seeing these was so close! I've sold the Scions only yesterday and 'reinvested' in more stuff for the Red Scorpions. If I hadn't I would have taken the lot and happily stumped up the international shipping.

  8. And here I was chugging along in competition to stoke the ole' creative fires! Oh well. Back to painting up Necrons to use in next month's Apoc battle, I suppose.....

  9. Someone got a real bargain here, matey.

  10. Hey fella sorry for a non related post
    .any idea what's up with the heresy 30k forums?

  11. @Rob: I hear ya - had to get these guys turned over to help fund the next project here, too!

    @#2501: Haha! Looking forward to seeing more 'crons from ya man - always love your metallics!

    @Stephen: Aye - priced to move, and move they did! :)

    @Paul Bradley: No worries - there was a billing snafu that has now been sorted out. All aboard the heresy train!

    Cheers, everyone!